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Oct 31, 2013

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Washington, DC

Can Fuyan Pill Unblock Fallopian Tubes?

Among all infertility patients, tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx are the most common causes. As fallopian tubes are where the sperm should meet the egg, infertility occurs when the tubes are blocked. Can Fuyan Pill unblock fallopian tubes? Since tubal conditions are treated with surgery or laparoscopy in most cases, herbal formulas are not always the first choice. However, actually, herbal formulas is completely capable of treating tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx whose history is not long. Then how can the herbal formula unblock fallopian tubes? Fuyan Pill is a traditional Chinese medicine which contains many herbs in its formula. Some herbs are highly powerful in dissipating hard lumps, as a result the blockage can be dissipated and the tubes can get opened. There're also some herbs which can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, as a result the adhesions inside or around the fallopian tubes can be cleared up. By these means, blockage or adhesions of fallopian tube can be treated. According to clinical cases from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic, tubal blockage, hydrosalpinx, and tubal adhesions can be treated by Fuyan Pill within three to four months. Both herbal formula and surgery can unblock fallopian tubes, is there any advantage of herbal formula Fuyan Pill? As PID, or more specifically, chronic salpingitis, is the very cause of tubal blockage, blockage may recur after it is cleared up if the inflammation is left untreated. Medical care or medication after surgery sometimes cannot completely cure salpingitis. This is why blockage often recurs after surgery or laparoscopy. Fuyan Pill as a herbal formula which works on inflammation as well, it completely treats pelvic inflammatory disease, and chronic salpingitis. As a result, tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx never recurs after the medication of Fuyan Pill because its causing factor is disposed as well. Considering this factor, herbal formula Fuyan Pill is a more appropriate treatment than surgery in treating hydrosalpinx, tubal blockage and tubal adhesions.  (Nov 25, 2013 | post #1)

Washington, DC

General methods for epididymitis diagnosis

Epididymitis is the inflammation of epididymis. The epididymis is a long curve tube inside your scrotum. It stores and carries sperm from your testicles to your penis. Acute epididymitis lasts for 6 weeks or less and becomes chronic if it lasts longer than 3 months. Your health care provider will examine your penis and scrotum. He may also check your prostate by inserting a gloved finger into your anus. He may ask about other health conditions you may have. Tell him how long you have had symptoms. Tell him about injuries, trauma, or treatments you have had. He may ask about your sexual partner to see if you are at risk for an STI. Blood and urine tests may be done to see if you have an infection. If you have discharge, a small amount of this fluid will be collected and sent to a lab for testing. Ultrasound may be used to show pictures of the scrotum on a monitor. An ultrasound may show bleeding, lumps, and problems with blood flow. Nuclear scan test use a small amount of radioactive material injected into the body, a monitor will be used to check the blood flow, the radioactive material helps show up the blood flow. Additional tests may be necessary to identify underlying causes. In younger children, a urinary tract anomaly is frequently found. In sexually active men, tests for sexually transmitted diseases may be done. These may include microscopy and culture of a first void urine sample. Herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is effective on epididymitis. Materials such as polygonum aviculare, dianthus superbus, talc and plantago can clear heat and promot diuresis. Houttuynia can clear toxic materials. Safflower is able to promote blood circulation. There are also various pure herbs which can help patients improve physical conditioning in the medicine. In contrast with western medicine, it can keep a long term effects without adverse effects.  (Nov 25, 2013 | post #1)

Tazewell, TN

Fuyan pills can cure hydrosalpinx thoroughly

Hydrosalpinx is kind of common fallopian tube inflammation. There are a lot of factors that can lead to hydrosalpinx, like induced abortion, spontaneous abortion, drug abortion&#6529 2;induced labour, unhealth sexual intercourse, pelvic cavity and so on. They also can lead to fallopian tube wall adhesion, congestion, edema and block. Then the patients with hydrosalpinx may have infertility. In fact, the patients who have hydrosalpinx may have salpingitis and pelvic inflammatory disease first. The inflammation always caused by germs infection, then there may be a lot of hemameba and hemameba infiltration may form intima swelling, interstitial edema, exudation. Then fallopian tube mucous epithelium fall off. After the fallopian tube inflammation or adhesion shutting, secretion of the mucosa cell may accumulate in the lumen. If the fallopian tube inflammation occur in the isthmus and The umbrella end adhesion, then the blockage may lead to pyosalpinx. When the pyocyte was assimilated, then it form the assimilate So, eliminate inflammation is the important treatment of the hydrosalpinx. Surgery can not eliminate hydrops, but it can prevent it recuring, because surgery can not remove the pathogenesis As for the treatment of the hydrosalpinx, herbal medicine like fuyan pills may be better then surgery. Because surgery can not remove the the root cause of trouble. But the fuyan pills can clearing away heat and toxic materials and cure the salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease. then it can cure the hydrosalpinx thoroughly. Fuyan pills can promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification and so on, to cure hydrosalpinx. Then it can prevent the patient to get infertility. Because inflammation is cured by fuyan pills, hydrosalpinx may not recur. There are a lot of patient cure their problem in a few month and never have it again. It may be worth a shot for women who have this problem. So fuyan pills can cure the hydrosalpinx more thoroughly.  (Nov 21, 2013 | post #1)

Tazewell, TN

Prostatitis treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory...

The prostate is an essential part of the male reproductive system. It is essentially a gland, the size of a walnut surrounding the urethra. It’s an important area of the reproductive system because it helps to create semen which then really helps to carry the sperm during sexual intercourse. During adolescence the prostate develops to its optimum size, but it often gets bigger throughout the second period of growth. Sometimes, the prostate could get infected which results in a certain ailment. It may be the result of a bacterial infection, but there’s also a non-bacterial risk too. Many different factors are connected with this condition such as abnormal drinking, cigarette smoking, some STD’s in previous life or bladder infections. It is something which is seen most frequently in men younger than 50 and sufferers should really search for prostatitis treatment, as if left neglected it could spread to other areas and drastically damage the prostate gland. Several types of prostatitis have been discovered. They are acute bacterial, chronic bacterial, chronic non-bacterial, and asymptomatic inflammatory. It should be mentioned that besides the earlier mentioned bacterial reasons for infection, non-bacterial triggers may include muscle spasms, excessive exercise, heavy lifting as well as lorry driving. Many individuals like to turn to herbal supplements and treatment if they should be identified as having this issue. Some people suggest that you consider Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture since we have observed many well-publicised cases of success here. It is good to know that medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have a very favourable impact on the prostate particularly, have been used for many years throughout Chinese as specific prostatitis treatments.  (Nov 21, 2013 | post #1)

Pearsall, TX

Diffuse Adenomyosis is More Common than Focal Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis is uterine thickening that occurs when endometrial tissue, which normally lines the uterus, moves into the outer muscular walls of the uterus. Most women have some adenomyosis as they near menopause but few women have symptoms. Adenomyosis has two different forms: The first type appears as solid tumors and are called Adenomyomas. This form of the condition is localized and is an encapsulated collection of endometrial cells with well defined borders. They appear much like fibroids and are often mistaken as such. Many can be safely removed from the uterus, but depending on size and location can the culprit of hysterectomy. The second type is the diffuse disease that spreads out within the uterine myometrium. Diffuse adenomyosis is more common. As the endometrial cells invade the organ, the uterus becomes enlarged and hardened, making pelvic exams and intercourse very painful. At the cellular level, the uterine muscle cells are being damaged as the disease spreads and eventually will lose their ability to stretch and contract. This is the main reason for the high rate of miscarriages during the 2nd and early 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Adenomyosis is a common reason that can cause infertility. If you are suffering adenomyosis, your doctor can tell you which type of adenomyosis you have. In general, diffuse adenomyosis is more common. How to treat diffuse adenomyosis? Herbal medicine for adenomyosis could be a better choice. Fuyan Pill has been used in Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic for over years and has already successfully cured thousands of sufferers with diffuse adenomyosis. As the formula of Fuyan Pill is strictly controlled, it's a very safe herbal remedy with no side effect.  (Nov 20, 2013 | post #1)

Pearsall, TX

Treatment for vesiculitis: Blood in Semen

What if semen is in light red and blood-tinged? According to the symptom, it usually belongs to hemospermia syndrome, a most typical case of vesiculitis. In severe case, hemospermia blood concentration is much higher and color is much darker. Vesiculitis is induced by bacteria. The scrotum is probably infected if nearby organs have been infected by bacteria or scrotum itself has hyperemia symptom. "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" possesses the nature of detoxification and sterilization, which can eliminate pathogenic bacteria, diminish inflammation and relieve pain. This prescription has extraordinary efficacy on curing vesiculitis and varied genitourinary system inflammations that can cause vesiculitis. Acute vesiculitis usually has the prostatitis symptom, accompanied with general pain, especially in perineum and rectum areas. For worse condition, violent pain occurs during sexual intercourse! Chronic vesiculitis is probably induced when acute vesiculitis develops worse or treatment is delayed. Or it happens as a secondary disease of prostatitis. Main symptoms are similar to prostatitis. The most typical feature is hemospermia, blood color depth depends on symptom and illness condition. To cure vesiculitis-caused hemospermia syndrome, timely treatment is good for lightening hemospermia symptom. However, it may not cure the disease completely. Many patients find hemospermia symptoms are indeed lightened and blood-tinged situation gets better after a period of treatment. But the improvement does not continue afterwards. "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" does not only possess the nature of sterilization and diminishing inflammation, but also promote blood and Qi circulation, which has extraordinary efficacy on eliminating hemospermia symptom caused by vesiculitis inflammation. Vesiculitis can be healed completely and semen would turn normal if only patients keep receiving treatment.  (Nov 20, 2013 | post #1)

Cottage City, MD

How to Distinguish between PID and Pelvic Fluid?

Many women mistake PID for pelvic fluid, which makes trouble for the treatment. In fact, PID and pelvic fluid is not the same. Then, we will discuss it in detail as follows. In clinic, we always see that some women are misdiagnosed as PID(pelvic inflammatory diseases). In fact, the morbidity of PID is not very high. However, because the pathogeny of that is complicated, the right diagnosis looks important especially. We can’t make a definite diagnosis just by the simple B ultrasonic once we find pelvic fluid. When some female friends are diagnosed as PID, they can not be cured after some courses of injection. The reason is that they have never acquired with PID. The experts notice that, for the women older than 30 years old, they should take farther examination sometimes, such as B ultrasonic, urine routine test, sedimentation test and some other auxiliary diagnostic method, to evaluate comprehensively and make a definite diagnosis. Because the causes of PID and pelvic fluid are various, we should confirm the pathogeny before treatment. In general, pathological pelvic fluid is often induced by PID or endometriosis. PID is always relative with the bad health habits, such as having sex in one month after menses or delivery, or taking a bath in one month after operation and so on. In addition, artificial abortion and iatrogenic inflammation induced by lax sterilization also can induce pelvic fluid. Pelvic fluid is a common disease. But many women do no know much about this disease. Pelvic fluid can be divided into physiological pelvic fluid and pathological pelvic fluid. The former is always happening after ovulation or in the early pregnancy. It can always disappear naturally and don’t need treatment. The causes of pelvic fluid are various. We can produce a certain volume of pelvic fluid by ourselves. And it is more evident after ovulation especially. A small volume of pelvic fluid is not enough to show the issues. We need to do farther examinations to see if there are symptoms such as abdominal pain and vaginal inflammation. And then distinguish between PID and pelvic fluid from a series of symptoms. The traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill has an effect on clearing up "fire" and toxic materials and promoting blood and Qi circulation. Inflammation such as PID can be treated. In addition, some diseases such as pelvic fluid induced by the genital inflammation can be cured as well. And because the "Fuyan Pill" is made purely by traditional Chinese medicine, it has no side-effect on the health. you can take it trustingly.  (Nov 19, 2013 | post #1)

Oneida, NY

You should know the type of prostatitis you get

Acute bacterial prostatitis is the easiest of the three conditions to diagnose because it comes on suddenly and the symptoms require quick medical attention. Not only will you have urinary problems, you may also have a fever and pain and, occasionally, visible blood in your urine. Your urine may be cloudy, and microscopic examination of the urine specimen will be loaded with white blood cells and bacteria. If you don't have had prostatitis before, you may not know what prostatitis it, let alone how many types this disease have. Actually, prostatitis is a disease occurs on prostate gland. This disease can happen on men at all ages except young boy. Prostatitis has four common types which are acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis and Chronic prostate pain syndrome(CPPS). Since prostatitis has so many types, how to diagnose which types you are involved? Symptom is the major hit. Although most of symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis are same, symptoms of acute type happen quickly and badly. Those symptoms in acute type commonly last for weeks and can be cured by antibiotic easily. If it is chronic bacterial type, the symptoms commonly last for week and even months. Chronic type patients cannot experience fever and chills which only belong to acute type. If you don't have any types, which is possible, you should choose other ways to make a diagnosis. You can go to hospital to take some tests such as DRE, semen test and so on. Although antibiotic can cure all types of prostatitis, herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is one of the best choice. This pill not only can reduce symptoms but also can enhance immunity system. Commonly, three months treatment is enough. What's more, the relapse rate of this disease is very low too because of the enhanced immunity system.  (Nov 19, 2013 | post #1)

Binghamton, NY

All endometriosis symptoms can be cleared up with fuyan P...

Endometriosis is a hormone-dependent disease and most of its victims are fertile women. Recently, the number of this disease is increasing. Fortunately, endometriosis is curable and will disappear with three months treatment with fuyan pill. "Fuyan Pill can cure all endometriosis symptoms within three months," according to Dr. Lee, "now i will explain it one by one." Infertility - the first endometriosis symptom Lumps, adhesion and tubal blockage caused by endometriosis can make women lose their reproductive ability. What's more, habitual miscarriage also can be caused by this disease. But the function of dissipating hard lumps of fuyan Pill can clear lumps, adhesion and make tubes unblocked. Painful menses - the second endometriosis symptom Painful menses is common. Most of the time, the pain is sever and happens before menses or after menses. This symptom also can be solved by fuyan Pill, for fuyan Pill has the function of releasing pain. Pain can be milden with one week taking with fuyan Pill and then dies when endometriosis dies. Painful sexual intercourse - the third endometriosis symptom Painful sexual intercourse can happen when ectopic endometrium tissues on vagina, rectum or make ovaries stick with pelvic cavity. When this symptom becomes severer, women also can experience symptoms of UTI. This symptoms also can be solved by fuyan pill, for fuyan Pill can promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis and release pain. Irregular menses - the fourth endometriosis symptom Endometriosis patients commonly has heavy menses, menostaxis or shorted menses cycle. Fuyan Pill has the function of regulating menstruation, thus Irregular menses also still not a problem for fuyan Pill. All major Endometriosis symptoms can be solved by herbal medicine - fuyan Pill with three months. Due to the outstanding functions of fuyan Pill, why don't you purchase one month pill to have a happy and painless Christmas?  (Nov 14, 2013 | post #1)

Binghamton, NY

Can a prostate infection be transmitted to women?

Prostatitis means infection or inflammation in prostate. Inflammation, according to wikipedia, is part of the complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. When prostate get infected, there must be bacteria or pathogens in prostate fluids, which can enter into vagina during intercourse as a part of semen. Then bacteria or pathogens entering into vagina can cause infection or inflammation. This is the point view that many people hold. But it is true? Actually, this question can't be anwsered simply by "Yes" or "No". First, you should know clearly about the type of your prostatitis. Clinically there is no bacteria found in 90% of prostatitis, which means it is non bacterial prostatitis. If a man has this type of prostatitis, the infection can't be trasnmitted to a woman. Another situation is that a small percentage of prostatitis is caused by trichomonas or fungus infection. Other pathogens such as neisseria gonorrhoeae, mycoplasma and chlamydia can also lead to prostate infection, which is called bacterial prostatitis in clinic. These causing factors are infectious to some extent. However, whether bacteria can cause women get infected are based on many factors, such as the strength of the bacterial virulence, the number of bacteria, the partner's resistance etc. If prostatitis is in an acute stage, the the possibility of women getting infected is high. On the other hand, vagina is an acidic environment which has certain lethality to bacteria. As long as the strength and quantity of bacteria is not high, prostate infection can't make women get infected. No matter what prostatitis it is, men with prostate infection should take correct medication in time. For acute prostatitis, antibiotics are the first choice. But if antibiotics don't work, and the disease develop to chronic, then men need to take herbal medicine Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill to cure chronic prostatitis. In general, patients with prostatitis can get cured with the pills in three months.  (Nov 14, 2013 | post #1)