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Feb 15, 2007

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murder? i think so.

If someone requests medical aid, they should get it. The cops could still give her whatever tickets she would deserve. We need to take better care of the next generation (the unborn, the babies, the children, the teens). We are so worried about how to manipulate them (kill them, take their embryonic stem cells,). What are each of us doing to HELP, REPLENISH, CARE FOR the next generation? (And what if we find that our lowered birthrate burns us???)  (Feb 21, 2007 | post #18)

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Porn DVD Screams Prompt Sword 'Rescue'

The man obviously had the porn film too loud. Porn is a "great" way to demean women, who are usually the main subject. The more we separate the male and female from a real long term vow enhanced relationship, the more we FRAGMENT the family. The more we damage our society as a whole. (I have seven family members adopted from 2 sources - teen parents too young to responsibly raise kids or from women in the multibillion porn industry (likely a stripper or street slave (i.e. prostutite)). Some of the kids in foster care (probably MANY) were damaged either before or after birth by Mom and Dad (or current boyfriend). So some have lifelong learning defects; some have had hundreds of thousands of dollars of surgery for parent caused birth defects....and on and on. Anyone who thinks porn hurts noone has not done their research.  (Feb 21, 2007 | post #5)

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16 million abortions under BUSH!

I'm not sure what Pres. Bush could do that would be within the law and not martial law... or mass usurpation of power outside the Executive Branch. Note that he has - overall- done more to protect the human being than his recent predecessor. For instance, he has spoken out (and there is also a new government department) about worldwide slavery, particularly human trafficking of women, girls (probably a few boys). One activist tried to get recognition of this LARGE human abuse in the Clinton regeime and...well..surpri se...there seemed to be no interest in limiting the abuses of young women.  (Feb 19, 2007 | post #90)

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Elton John wants religion banned

We had two super ideologies of the 20th Century which had religious elements and their own versions of "faith" Naziism (reviving the old cruel paganism essentially) and the current and ever popular COMMUNISM. WHILE THEY DIFFERED IN DETAILS, THEY BOTH HAD THE STATE (AND SOMETIMES A SPECIFIC GOD LIKE LEADER) AS "GOD". DEATH TOLL OF STILL ACTIVE NATIONAL COMMUNISM KEEPS GOING ON AND ON AND ON  (Feb 16, 2007 | post #4073)

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Global Warming Man-Made, Will Continue

I think we might have hit double digit (Farenheit) temps here in the Chicago area. WOW! Global warming hitting my area!! Iron pipes will burst from the cold a bit slower today!!! ======= (Re some of the proposed "solutions " to GW) What we need to do is just hand over our national sovereignty to the wonderful, corruption free U.N. Lots of students are being trained to despise the concepts of "nations " and some of the government officials (not all) seem to despise our nation. So we too should get rid of "nationism " and submit to the GREAT BIG ONE! (since dictatorships work so well!!!) So let's hand over significant national power to the UN people whose wise judgment in the past let Saddam the $$$ making Aid for Ruthless, Greedy Dictators fund from the UN. .and (my favorite) put the SUDAN nation(mass murderers a la Hitler or Stalin) on the Human Rights commission. Remember--we can't continue to research and debate the issue of global warming and any human influence. We must act now. We can't wait. The bell has rung. We need to GIVE UP OUR NATIONAL RIGHTS NOW! OR AT LEAST WE NEED TO SIGNIFICANTly HAMSTRING OUR EVIL EVIL NATION!!! (THE ABOVE IS SARCASM IF NOT APPARENT.)  (Feb 16, 2007 | post #475)

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U.S. Senate Rejects Gay Marriage Amendment

We think that we can just rearrange the rules of society. We will suffer (we already suffer) and we have caused suffering to persons through our attack and redefinitions of the family unit. 1960's - the last big attack ON THE FAMILY which I remember - We had the new Birth Control Pill---so why shouldn't people sleep around? The brilliant reasoning: Because now with The Pill, there are no consequences! Party On! Drug usage was also promoted by many... (STD's, emotional damage to the participants, more broken or unstable families, lots MORE kids without dads...and untold children DAMAGED physically, emotionally (just ask a foster care social worker OR A TEACHER TRYING TO REACH KIDS WITH PARENT INDUCED LEARNING DISABILITIES) SO WE'VE ASSAULTED THE STANDARD LONG TERM FAMILY UNIT. WE WILL (I PREDICT) FURTHER WEAKEN THE STATUS OF WOMEN BECAUSE NOW WE'VE OPENED THE DOOR TO ALL SORTS OF "MARRIAGE " PERMUTATIONS. POLYGAMY, "MARRIAGE " TO MINORS, IT'S ALL POSSIBLE MAYBE PEE WEE HERMAN WAS A PROPHET WHEN (IN HIS 1980'S CHILD TV SHOW) HE "MARRIED " HIS PLATE OF JELLO (TM)!!! tHERE ARE BASIC MORAL PRINCIPLES AND LAWS IN THE UNIVERSE. BUT WE LIVE AS IF THE SILLY POSTMODERN "NON RULES" ARE TRUE. AND OUR CHILDREN WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES  (Feb 16, 2007 | post #6801)

Benbrook, TX

It's a hot debate

You can read Christopher Monckton's series in the UK's Telegraph with his scientific analysis & rebuttals. You can read Mother Jones with their comments (and their sinister comments re an oil company providing funding for some who doubt human caused global warming The debate goes on. I am not a scientist, but I read on. I am shuddering as I wonder what global actions the UN wants us all to submit to in quick reaction to this emotion charged issue. BUT I AM VERY VERY COLD! TODAY FEB 16 at 6AM Central---IT'S NEGATIVE 2 DEGREES FARENHEIT IN MY CHICAGO AREA TOWN!  (Feb 16, 2007 | post #1)

Macon, GA

Stem cell initiatives revived in Legislature

Search elsewhere on the NET TO FIND OUT about the work on using one's OWN stem cells to fix one's heart. (In Jacksonville, FL) WOW! why are we wasting breath debating the dubious ethics of chopping up embryos when stem cells from blood cord or from one's own body is NOW DOING SO MUCH MORE!  (Feb 15, 2007 | post #1)

Vestfold wants Viking ships

I saw the ships on a tour to Norway in the 1980's. Wherever they are (or wherever they are moved) I recommend t hem as a great tourist stop.  (Feb 15, 2007 | post #3)