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Jul 28, 2008

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Immigration Reform

Michelle Obama Rallies Hispanic Caucus

You think your a broke arse now. Wait until B.O. and smilin Joe get ahold of your tax dollars. You will start your whining all over and ask,"What Happened"? You are not going to get by this without losing your job, if you have one. Also, he will open the borders. Hell, he wasn't even born in the US. She was about to domino and would not be allowed on a flight to Hawaii, because of her condition. She had B.O. in Kenya, and according to B.O.'s half sister and aunt she had the baby in Kenya, then flew to Hawaii where they forged the docs for B.O. He should not even be allowed to run for office. I guess the governor of Caleefornia is legal to run now that we have had our first foreigner allowed to run. That is how far the dems have sunk in this world. Chevy Chase and all his perverted friends from Hollywood are a disgrace and could not qualify to shine shoes. You jerk off.  (Aug 29, 2008 | post #67)

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There is Everything Wrong with Abortion

You clarified nothing and are wrong. Then explain this, a pregnant woman is killed and the fetus dies, then why is there a double homicide. This is your inaccurate language and how it simplifies life at its most vulnerable form. How could you have an abortion and no murder, but a double homicide if the fetus dies? Our laws are flawed and have shown that over 40 million babies have paid for this flawed law to stay in effect.  (Aug 22, 2008 | post #25844)

US News

No End in Sight

So true, but look at the beginning of Barry Obama or John McCain. Bush probably won't look so bad after 4 years of one of these idiots.  (Aug 22, 2008 | post #13)

US News

U.S. Halts Self-Deportation Project

You are an idiot. What are you going to do when all our resources are used up. I'm talking about water and food. We can't withstand our country to double in 40 years with illegals kids. You better start worrying about your family and if you want to give up the remaining drinking water and available other resources that we are not, and cannot replace. I really can't understand bleeding hearts like yours and the thought that illegals just come here to work. Look up on youtube illegals and watch the hate these wetbacks have for citizens of the US. You will want to puke when you see our flag being flown upside down and their babysh*t green flag flying above the stars and stripes. This is something that must be stopped and in the future employers will be fined and imprisoned for using illegals. I doubt you will want to sacrifice what you have and want for someone who is a lawbreaker and illegal. WAKE UP NOW  (Aug 22, 2008 | post #10)

Immigration Reform

Arizona called focal point of immigration fight

Let the true Americans plan for the future. Don't feel your vote is wasted on McCain. Barry Obama is just like Jimmy Carter was. He gave away the Panama Canal. What will Barry give away. He plans on spending billions in money we don't have. This is the first generation in American history that leaves the country worse off than the previous generation. We can turn this around with McCain and then cast your vote to stop Pelosi and Reid from sabotaging the whole future of the US. They want a one world, one country picture and that just won't do. Americans, let us vote for the future and then force the congress to vote Illegals OUT>  (Aug 22, 2008 | post #15)

Immigration Reform

Many Officials Reluctant to Help Arrest Immigrants

I'm a Texan and travel to El Paso from time to time. The mayor is a liar. He is lying through his teeth. It is a 3rd world city, ugly, and a huge toilet for that side of Texas. You can see Mexico and the border that separates the two countries. They flood like rats leaving a sinking ship across into the US. You have to see it to believe it. Trucks just rumble through and no check points until Kansas City. A real outhouse of a town for the great state of Texas to be saying is a safe town. You feel like you are in another country when you pass through. The illegals just look at you like what the hell you doing in my town. The mayor is a piece of sh*t for lying to all of us. What a job our politicians are doing on us. We better wake up America and do it now.  (Aug 22, 2008 | post #3)

Immigration Reform

Mexican births driving U.S. population

Mexica Movement: Sounds like someone just sh*t out a mehican baby on the desert trying to sneak in. No, wait a minute, it sounds like a wetback sneaking across the Rio Grande. No, it really sounds like you know you are getting your illegal arse kicked around just like your ancestors did. I love your name cause it reminds me of needing to go sh*t out one of your relatives and flush it down to your relatives neighborhood. You keep on Mechican movement, you are stirring up people that really didn't care if your parasite people stayed or not. But, since there are maggot breeders like you that need to go home, you have made the masses aware of your militant attitudes, and we have a choice. You don't. You have to live off of our good nature, and that is gone because of illegal maggots like you and your relatives. HaHa  (Aug 20, 2008 | post #69)

Immigration Reform

Immigration enforcement just plain silly

There is nothing this man could say that proves he is unqualified. What a fool. Only a man that has no clue to run a country would say something so silly as this gutless wonder. He talks just to hear his silly stupid voice.  (Aug 20, 2008 | post #14)

Immigration Reform

Son of illegal immigrants wins gold

So, What is your point? An illegal did something good? His parents were illegal, and you did not mention if he is an anchor baby, or what is the situation with all the illegal brothers and sisters. I am happy he had a great Olympics. But, the law is the law and his mother needs to be deported along with the illegal brothers and sisters. But, tell me what is your point about? You kind of left the story in mid air.  (Aug 20, 2008 | post #25)

Immigration Reform

Texas lawmakers consider new immigration laws

You are a liberal FOOL. You need to put that joint down, because you are not making any sense at all! What is this cricket noise you refer to you fool?  (Aug 20, 2008 | post #66)

US Politics

Obama's Abortion Distortion

Why not give us your description of NeoCon? Obama is a whining little sissy who got the crap beat out of him at grade school recess. I don't believe he even qualifies to run for President of the Great States. You and your Neolibs are getting a pig in a poke, and you are swallowing all the way. He has done nothing but have jobs that the Gov. supplies. He does not have a background in making business successful or any other job background. He has been on the Gov. payroll his entire life. His wife was bringing in an extra $300,000 on a hospital board, while staying home with the kids. Nice gig, kind of like Hillary making $100,000 in one day in the stock market on futures, then gets out and stays out. Give us NeoCons a huge break on all the goodys that everyone is supposed to turn their backs on. Makes me sick to think someone that unqualified has the audacity to think he can run the United States. He is a joke on both sides.  (Aug 19, 2008 | post #561)

Immigration Reform

Texas lawmakers consider new immigration laws

You are a pitiful excuse for a Texan. I have an idea, America could find a CITIZEN of the US to do that job. You are a lib sympathizer for these illegal maggots and will one day wake when it is too late. Why would you want someone to invade your country and use up its resouorces, and then move on to the next country? This country will bankrupt itself. You must be an employer of these maggots and enjoying the slave labor you get off these illegals. That is what is going on isn't it?  (Aug 19, 2008 | post #10)

Tijuana, Mexico

ACLU sues for release of transgendered immigrant

The ACLU should go down there and do the blood tests and let this person give them the diseases he/she has, if any. Then be sure and use public funds to set this weirdo up in some public housing and then use the welfare system for food stamps, and everything else for American citizens. Keep an eye on this one because that is just what we need in this country is oddballs and misfits from a loser country like lowly mehico. That is just great. One for the ages.  (Aug 16, 2008 | post #1)

Tijuana, Mexico

Work begins on $57 million border fence

They must be stopped now. Call your senator and congress person this week and tell them that you have had a gutfull of this bs. Also, let them know you are casting your vote to get all incumbents out of office, if the illegal problem does not immediately stop. Use the email and send them mail and let them know this free ride is over for the cockroach wetbacks. It must stop now.  (Aug 16, 2008 | post #80)

Immigration Reform

Mexican citizen arrested for assaulting a BP agent

If you have ever been to El Paso it is a real outdoor toilet. It looks just like a slum outside mexico city. How can anyone be surprised that they would have the gall to do this? What is there to stop them? It is pure chaos in El Paso, you can't tell who is an American and who are wetbacks! They just stroll all over the checkpoint and traffic goes everywhere. A 3rd world country is what we have in good ol El Paso. The wets should be proud of themselves. We could not raise them up to be Americans, but rather they have taken us down to the cockroachs they are. It is pitiful and hardly anyone speaks English there. Take a trip down there if you don't believe this. But, be packin heat, cause chances are you will have a need for it before you get out of town.  (Aug 16, 2008 | post #10)