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Jul 4, 2009

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USA's best moment was not VN


My Dream "AMERICA" Without War

When I'm Not on Topix:

I am no longer sipping my drink of choice.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

My perspective on life may be different than yours

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Read This Book:

"WAR and PEACE" -- realism from another point of view.

Favorite Things:

Reading about how it was in VN from those to cowardly or young to know - Observing people casually talk about war like it is a soap opera .

On My Mind:

The last words from a soldier rarely are those of doing something noble --- They reflect on families not god or country in their remaining moments.

I Believe In:

VN was long ago and the soldiers that were in the fight almost never speak of it. What we experienced was not something most wish to relive. The sad fact those of us who did return were greeted with America's scorn was a quieting experience for a generation of brave young men. Today's soldiers are both men and women where brave ladies now defend cowardly men with a gang mentality. VN was a war fought by drafted youth not old enough to vote or buy a beer but old enough to die for issues they did not totally understand. The USA is now fighting two wars with no draft which in my view is absurd. Soldiers today as always deserve each Americans total support without political conflict. November 11, is Veterans Day and for some people it represent a day off work yet for others it's not important at all. For the true Americans among us the day evokes a deep personal reverence combining pride, sadness and respect. Nov. 11 is our sacred day to remember service, honor, bravery, duty, sacrifice. It is a day to recall those who served in years past and those of today protecting the freedoms we all enjoy. July 4th and the American flag both celebrate our Independence as a nation, let's also remember the cost.