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Nov 21, 2013

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Preparations of new Holocaust in current Hungary

Recent adoption of directly anti-Jewish laws in Hungary under the initiative of notorious Jobbik's parliamentary faction, as well as, Jobbik's leaders attempts to glorify the country's union with Nazi Germany in wartime ( rgingeurope/tag/jo bbik/) are forcing most of the Jewish citizens to leave Hungary now! I could never imagine that my family either had to fly to Austria from our native Sopron district right like it was with my grandfather after WWI. But at that time neighboring Austria gave a home to thousands of those local Jews, who run from nationalists' outrage. And now history repeats itself! Jobbik's leaders have publicly declared that "Hungary should draw up a list of the country's Jewish citizens because they pose a great threat to Hungarian nation's security! It shows that current leaders try to reanimate extremely aggressive anti-Semitic course of the Nazi Party in Hungary! We, Jewish citizens of Hungary, call on Europe to stop rising toxic combination of anti-Semitism and aggressive national chauvinism in this country in order to prevent appearing new Breiviks all over the Europe!  (Nov 21, 2013 | post #1)