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Aug 28, 2010

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Worthington Springs, FL

Does Leanne Rimes have relatives in Union County Fl

so who is John Rimes to her  (Dec 14, 2010 | post #9)

Worthington Springs, FL

Timber Village moblie home park in Worthing Springs

The mold that lady talks about, I had bad. I was told by Mrs Rimes that all you do is wipe it down when it appears. I told her the mold was where all the leaks were and maybe if they fixed the leaks I wouldn't have mold. She said for me to put in a work order at the office. Unfortunatly that don't work. You are ignored and when you ask again you are told that they did not get a work order. The water smells really bad from the faucet. You had to spend alot of money on bottled water to cook ,bathe and drink. Between the smell of the water and the mold along with sewage from the rental across the street it was like living in a garbage dump. After seeing this woman's photos I went on a search myself in the park and yes there were PVC pipes going towards the river. It is overgrown with tall weeds but you can go down in there carefully. In fact one of people working in the park said Mr Rimes was cited for sewage runoff by the State just last month so yes this woman is telling the truth. The people I talked to had sewage problems,leaks,mol d,water pipes under the home not connected running on the ground and treatment like you were dirt by the owners. Oh and by the way, I was refused my deposit too. I had a professional cleaning company come inside the rental when I finally had enough of spending 700+ for rent to live in a landfill so I could not be told I left my place in a mess. I agree with this woman, it needs to be shut down. If anyone would read from the first post on this thread you will find that the complaints started way before this lady started posting. Chocoholic, keep up the work maam, you are the ones that keep some honesty flowing for the rest of us. If you need me please let me know and ignore the idiot posting to you. It is just someone who is trying to piss you off and I see that you hold your composure well. One of the reasons I am posting now is because you said you posted your last on here and I wanted to confirm your findings and thank you for wanting to make sure Worthington Springs is treated right. You said all you wanted from all of this is for that park to be closed down and you will stop the postings. To me that is fair and anyone who has lived there or knows someone there will back you on this. When I saw what you said I knew right off that you were not all over this family to be mean but to get something put right and shutting that park down to me is something that needs to be done. In my verification process of you, I did find like you said , complaints on the same violations since way back to 1999. I was appalled that this park has stayed opened this long. I just hope people that read this will see the postings all the way from the first one and save themselves problems before they start. Below is something I saw that may interest you. It puts a little more light on the MO of this family Eddie Cibrian and Kids Moving In With LeAnn Rimes {Popeater} Jul 27th 2010 11:10PM She has close family in Worthington Springs Florida (Uncle and Grandfather) that ripped her off for millions so this guy moving in with her wont put a dent in anything she has already been through.  (Aug 28, 2010 | post #50)

Worthington Springs, FL

Timber Village moblie home park in Worthing Springs

I hope you aren't a male because you are making us men look like idiots. I have been watching the posts on here the last couple of months and it is time to set some things straight on here. I also lived in TV for 11 months. I had to move out because the owners were pretty dirty in how they delt with the residents and myself. Everything that woman has said I saw. When it rained the rental was like there was no roof at all there. I always had to put pots thoughout the place to catch water. When I would ask to have something done I was told that I could fix it if it was that urgent,they had too many other things to do. I have walked the place many times with a neighbor and talked to many of the residents. All had the same complaints. No maintanence was the number 1 and then there was peeking in windows. The residents were also appalled that Mr Rimes works in the park in just shorts and shoes. His old wrinkled saggy body offended many including myself and wife. When my wife and I would sit on the porch he would come by in his broke down truck that throws diesel fumes half dressed. At night it is not rare to see him ride down the streets real slow in his golf cart with no lights and God knows what he is doing. It is usually like 1am when he does this. I can not sleep so I would sit on the porch and enjoy the night air then you would hear that cart trolling. On one of my walks a young woman said she has had someone looking in her window at nights because her dog would perk his ears on the bed and look at the window. She said she had to take down her blinds and put up heavy drapes  (Aug 28, 2010 | post #49)

Worthington Springs, FL

Lawsuit Filed In Deadly Crash

very sad time in Union County  (Aug 28, 2010 | post #34)