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Feb 22, 2008

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Akron Beacon Journal

Varejao likely to fill Wallace's shoes tonight

If we can get just one of our shooters hot it'll make the game closer. I think Boston is really playing illegal defense on Lebron if you ask me. How can four guys be around one man at one time? They've got athletes but I didn't know their bigs had Chris Paul speed. The whole series will change with a resounding win today. It can't be close or they'll believe it was a fluke. I wanna see Damon Jones play. He just has a calm swagger about himself and I believe with him on the floor, Boobie, and Wally with Lebron and Z would be a good line-up to off-set their traps. We'll see. I'm hoping for a huge victory. Go Cavs!!!  (May 10, 2008 | post #6)

Akron Beacon Journal

Rough tactics by Wizards blatantly bad

This is like when you were in high school and you knew you would kick the guy's **** if he ever stepped to you. ell. Souljha Boy has stepped to him and Lebron and gang are givng the Wiz the biz. Win game 3 and ther cooked, period!!You need certain qualifications to be considered Bad Boys and Washington does not have them. Motion offense, no post game, trying to out-score everybody, does not sound like a stout defensive unit to me. Keefp fouling yourselves into the off-season.  (Apr 22, 2008 | post #11)

Akron Beacon Journal

cavs barrel over wizards

I am so proud of our team for showing the grit, determination, focus, and character to play through all the nonsense and pull out a great win. Praise goes to the entire team for their preperation for what's starting to look like what our armed forces in Iraq, a huge mismatch. We need to finish them off in D.C. so we can be just as rested as Boston. Everything is easier when guys make shots and I believe that if Coach Brown sticks with the same rotation throughout the playoffs we could be back in the Finals. Go Cavs!!  (Apr 22, 2008 | post #14)

Akron Beacon Journal

Cavaliers lose in a bad way

It seems like we dont' match-up well with the sub .500 teams but we bring it against the top squads. Don't know if it's the coaching or the the belief of the so called "on-off switch." This team better get serious because time is of the essence and I don't see a sense of urgency. To beat the Pistons and lose to the Bucks is pretty pathetic. Every team plays back-to-back games on the road so you know what you can do with that excuse. A strong playoff contender wouldn't lose this game. Not panicking yet, but I must admit I'm a little concerned.  (Mar 23, 2008 | post #11)

Akron Beacon Journal

Team looks different, but will gamble work?

Is this the best your tiny little mind could come up with?  (Feb 24, 2008 | post #37)

Akron Beacon Journal

Ferry did what was needed for Cavs

Boo hoo, mommy Lebron doesn't love all things Cleveland. Take your whining elsewhere. The man has a right to wear whatever he wants. Bad judgement, yes. But what are you boycotting? His judgement. You sir are an idiot. I'm pretty sure when you wear you're pantyhose behind closed doors noone's boycotting you because they don't care. This is still a free country. The article is about the deals, not your feelings being hurt. Sure it won't be pretty right away, but once they gel look out! Let's see if the Celtics or Detroit pull that same crap with Big Ben here to offer a little protection for Lebron. Love the fact we still won't be hand-cuffed this summer because of all the money coming off the books. Never saw this deal coming. Great job Ferry and go Cavs!  (Feb 24, 2008 | post #27)

Akron Beacon Journal

3 starters among 6 dealt away for 4 new additions

With the pick-and-roll offense that we run a guy like Wally has way more value than a slasher like Hughes because of his shooting touch. We lost to the Rockets the other night because no one could hit a shot, but Szerbiak gives us a bonafide second option to Lebron. Don't worry about the chemistry because except for Hughes and Gooden, noone traded was an impact player or huge rotation guy for us. I can see a line-up of Lebron, Big Ben, Z, Wally, and West or Boobie. I agree that Brent Barry would be a great addition and I don't doubt that with Ferry and Brown's Spurs ties that they won't look at him. Oh happy day, GO CAVS!!  (Feb 22, 2008 | post #60)

Akron Beacon Journal

Team looks different, but will gamble work?

Typical Cleveland fans. Never satisfied. No, this is not Jason Kidd ccoming to town, but I'm not sure he alone would have elevated our team. Yes Big Ben is getting older but at 33 he is still more athletic than every big man we traded. Not only that, he blocks shots and is aggressive defensively. He'll benefit from many drop-off dunks and tip-ins from Lebron's penetration. We wanted a shooter, we got two in Wally and Delonte West. We wanted toughness, we got it in Wallace and Smith, who is a better mid-range shooter than Gooden. Wally we'll be a sure fire 18-24 points every night playing with Lebron and we didn't lose Boobie in the process. West could be the long-term anser at PG or it may be Boobie, either way we'll have two up and coming young PG's with size and shooting touch. This was a excellent deal but some people are never satisfied. Way to go Cavs!!!  (Feb 22, 2008 | post #26)

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