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Sep 26, 2013

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SpinRewriter 4.0 Review - Simon Greenhalgh + Aaron Sustar

SpinRewriter 4.0 review http://www.spinrew d I have been involved with Aaron and Spin Rewriter now for over 2 years and I managed the 2.0 launch which did 6 figures in 4 days. I was heavily involved in recruiting affiliates and generating exposure for 3.0 which did a quarter of a million in 7 days. And once again I will be throwing everything I have into the 4.0 version and doing my best to help Aaron and his team make this another record breaking launch. Why? Firstly because SpinRewriter is the best product of its kind in the world. And secondly because I have made more money promoting SpinRewriter than any other product I have ever promoted in my I.M career to date. As you can see in the screenshots, and those figures are just from the last year alone on complete autopilot! So for me, as it should be for you, promoting this product is the easiest decision I will make in my business this year. Get 70% discount till October 18th! info at http://www.spinrew d  (Oct 9, 2013 | post #1)

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Elevation Income Review - Mike Dillard & Robert Hirsch

Elevation Income Review Over the last few years, internet marketing has become a very popular venture and more and more people and looking for ways to start a business and earn money. Get more info on Mike Dillard's new course here :  (Oct 9, 2013 | post #1)

Marksville, LA

WP Affiliate Builder

WP Affiliate Builder - What is WP Affiliate Builder? After nearly 2 years in development well respected Internet marketing super affiliates Omar Martin of Higher Level Strategies, Inc. & Dave Nicholson of Planet Divinity, Ltd. have opened the doors to their highly anticipated affiliate recruitment training course and software WP-AffiliateBuilde r. In early 2012, Martin & Nicholson announced that they had teamed up to release the most robust and powerful JV attraction tool and training the industry has ever seen. The two super affiliates have dedicated the greater part of 2 years into producing this product which is comprised of over a dozen training videos, 7 PDF manuals including a 112 page book and audio course and lots more. Their WP-Affiliate Builder package also includes 2 pieces of custom software plugins for WordPress that they developed in conjunction with developer David Husnian of WebInsights, LLC. The first WordPress plugin empowers users to quickly generate a “brandable” tools page for their JV’s. This makes it easy for affiliates to personalize email swipes, banners and more to promote the users product. The second plugin is a Contest Leader Board creator for Clickbank which enables the user to generate auto updating affiliate sales statistics that the user can post on his/her JV blog in order to keep JV’s motivated and informed. This is the first “real time” leaderboard product of its kind for WordPress and Clickbank and it boasts tons of customization features as well as a powerful real time metrics display dashboard. Early this week Martin was quoted saying “This is by far the most comprehensive and up to date affiliate recruitment and product launch training on the market. This is cutting edge stuff that makes all the old product launch “formulas” pale by comparison.” The WP-Affiliate Builder software and Contest Leaderboard software has been in beta testing for well over a year and we have several big launches display their contest leaderboards with the plugin throughout this time. Beta testers have included the likes of John Thornill, Anthony Aries, Omar Martin, and Dave Nicholson themselves amongst others. This WPAB team has poised their launch of WP-Affiliate Builder for great success with a very bold pre launch campaign of their own. The duo totally dominated the social marketers space on Facebook for the entire month of September with the daily release of the WP-Affiliate Builder TIPS video series. “The web has literally been buzzing with anticipation of this product launch and we aim to change the way the industry trains their partners to make money promoting products” said Nicholson in a recent podcast interview. Learn more about the WP-Affiliate Builder product at: [http://petermilan WP Affiliate Builder]  (Sep 26, 2013 | post #1)

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WP Ninja Rank Review – What Is WP Ninja Rank?

WP Ninja Rank Review – What Is WP Ninja Rank? WP Rank Ninja is a powerful all in one SEO plugin. This is a complete unique type of plugin unlike anything ever released to the IM market place. 6 Module in One with lots of features Easy Installation Blog Curation Silo Creation Process in Schedule Setup One Time & Forget User Friendly Lifetime Support & Updates Wonderful Graphics User Interface Make your site rank on page 1 of the search engines Make your site fully unique One Click Social Syndication WP Ninja Rank Review There are six modules in this plugin : RSS Ninja – This basic RSS Aggregator ensures that you’ll populate whatever RSS content you wish. You only choose your category, set it on your schedule let it run in the background by collecting relevant, fresh, updated content online. Article Ninja – This powerful module lets you pull content from an article directory , according to any keyword that’s entered Content Refiner – This feeds google’s Algorithm with the completely unique content that it needs by Scrambling and Spinning your website content and Automatically Protecting your key phrases. It spins the words by using relevant synonyms and phrases that makes it readable. Comment Robot – Upload and schedule comments to drip your own websites at your own rate. This’ll add completely unique content onto your pages, entice user interactivity, and boost your search engine optimization efforts. Link Ninja – It is capable of automatically change any external anchor-text links that`s already in the RSS feeds/articles, which might be changed to the URL`s you put in link curator. Social Syndicator – This fantastic module lets you attract more social signal backlinks plus much more visitors to your website from sites like Facebook, twitter, and google+ . Boosts the odds of getting posts indexed much easier and ranked more faster.  (Sep 26, 2013 | post #1)

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wp seo traffic magnet

What’s WP Seo Traffic Magnet? WP SEO Traffic Magnet is our brand new plugin that helps users to quickly identify and add ‘relevant” traffic sucking keywords from within WordPress directly into their content.. with drag and drop ease.. Not only does our plugin provide a host of relevant keywords and search volumes, it also allows users to track which keywords have been included in their content along with their keyword densities. This ensures that the users content has a much higher chance of ranking in Google and bringing in additional traffic. The plugin allows for easy work flow enabling users to create and optimize their content with simplicity. Why you need WP Seo Traffic Magnet plugin? As you know, if you want to rank on top google and get more traffic, SEO is best way that can help you to that! Keyword research is first important step that you need to do on every SEO project! If you do this step good, in some case you don’t need backlink to boost your site on top google, just write content, google index your post and get flood traffic! What is the best keyword? High search volumn, low competition, long keywork (easy to rank) That mean you need research keyword every time when you write new post? YES if you have time. BUT WP Seo Traffic Magnet can help you to save ton of time! It will find best keyword and add to your content to help your site get more traffic from another keyword! You can see demo above to know how it works! What features of this premium plugin? …update later About Price Price of this plugin is 17$ for single version and 27$ for unlimited version! I think unlimited version is great for you, you can use it in any site that you want with just 10$ additional! Conclusion and Bonus In conclusion, if you are finding best plugin to help you target more keyword and get more traffic from google and also can help you to save ton of time on keyword research step, WP Seo Traffic Magnet is best choice for you! With just 27$ with 100$ BACK GURANTEE MONEY, you have no risky! What you waiting for? ACTION NOW  (Sep 26, 2013 | post #1)