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Sep 21, 2008

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Manchester, KY

does anyone know andrew sizemore aka ironman?

can anybody recommend rogain for a grouchy smurf?  (Jan 10, 2009 | post #1)

London, KY

local music

If you wanna see some face melting metal show up at the american legion in london on january 31st, the line up is Blood Thirst Rehab, King Tank,Gun Metal Black, and Devastation Device. If you love metal or are just bored out of your skull like the rest of the county then come and rock out with some of the best heavy metal bands in the area!  (Jan 10, 2009 | post #1)

London, KY

Best drummer in london

Jonathan Martin is the best in Laurel co. hands down. His new band Devastation Device is the tightest/most brutal band to ever come out of London. Local posers beware  (Dec 25, 2008 | post #169)

London, KY

re; the best drummer from london!

I would have to say Jonathan Martin hands down. His beats are really tight and brutal. Devastation Device f*ckin Rules  (Dec 25, 2008 | post #7)

London, AR

Obama is not the Antichrist!!!

I could laugh at you right now in fact i am he will not distroy us stupid i mean i've heard so many stupied things from people but this has entered my top 5 of stupidity -.-' so im gussing your a Republican? if not then sorry but you seem like it to me  (Nov 7, 2008 | post #26)

Corbin, KY

ashley rayburn

I wonder why so many Immature children use the Computer to talk crap about people then "try" to deffend them. its like punching air its useless  (Nov 7, 2008 | post #3)

London, KY

Democrats and Obama

Is it that hard to TRY to get along with people? i mean come on if your going to insult somebody keep it to yourself especially if its about sexuality and what not! We live in a society were things like Homosexuality,War, and fighting against religion are comon things! and what NotAnIdiot said is true who ARE you to judge people when its Gods job to do that. not yours! what i also dont understand is why most people--republican s included--think its bad or horrible that a Affrican American cant run for prezz? Dude its the 21 centurey and we defiantly need change, =]]  (Nov 7, 2008 | post #36)

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