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Mar 28, 2009

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Chicago, IL

Amy 5-12-15

Team PEllen, Mr. Tonka, & mrs. gladys kravitz. I wondered immediately what the parents did to her to cause the rift. I expect she & your brother have too much class to tell you.  (May 12, 2015 | post #12)

Chicago, IL

ask amy 1-10-15

My first thought too ;-)  (Jan 10, 2015 | post #5)

Chicago, IL

ask amy 1-5

It's also entirely possible she's found the wrong "Mary Smith" or "Brunhilda Murgatroyd" and the woman she contacted is telling the truth!  (Jan 5, 2015 | post #9)

Chicago, IL

Ask Amy 1-4-15

Well, the fact that it IS a plausible explanation (shouldn't matter, of course, but it might to the family!) Plus, language choices (wonderful, elaborate ceremony....gamely attempted to "play happy"), these sound more like the way a woman would describe things. The need to "guard" the GF at all (from homophobic relatives.) Just the general feel of the thing, and of course I could be wrong. I may just be biased toward "LW=Female " unless the LW states otherwise.  (Jan 4, 2015 | post #7)

Chicago, IL

Ask Amy 1-4-15

I don't think LW1 is a "him."  (Jan 4, 2015 | post #3)

Chicago, IL

Amy 7-16

Valtrex? And totally agree with the rest! Shades of the Annie's Mailbox 1st letter today (about a 30 year old daughter with [maybe] OCD symptoms....) She's f*ckin' THIRTY! How do her parents even KNOW how much she brushes her teeth???  (Jul 16, 2014 | post #11)