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Jan 3, 2011

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West Baden Springs, IN

What's going on with the Town Eyesore

Actually, you can talk to the bondholders or research their financial status. They are not hurting but only because Mr. Cook has plenty of money. If it wasnt for Mr. Cook's money, they would be hurting. They are not making any money and never will if they dont make some drastic changes. It appears to me that they need to hire some professional upper managment that has a clue how a casino and resort should be run. The problems that they have getting things right for their customers is a well known fact. Oh, and by the way, the full parking lot is because the employees park there. Most of the upper management came from businesses that they caused to go bankrupt. I sure hope they are able to overcome their bad rep but it isnt looking too good. I have stayed there many times and made a decision not to go back after they charged my credit card way over what they should have for the fourth time. I also have spoken to MANY others that have had the same problems. It is a shame!!  (Jan 3, 2011 | post #48)

West Baden Springs, IN

Cook's Steve Ferguson wants better route to French Lick a...

I couldnt agree more!! Joe V brought a director of operations from Evansville, Jean Stafford and Mr. Oconnor and Mr. Humphrey, all of which didnt know what they were doing in Evansville and are making a real mess of the french Lick resort. Joe V needs to go back where he came from. Joe V only gets along with the Cook group and any employees that he can run over. He only wants employees that are less than him and believe me, that is the bottom of the barrel!! He now has a director of operations that caused the Paoli country club to go bankrupt. There seems to be a connection between Joe v and bankrupcies. I just hope he doesnt do that to Mr. Cook's billions!!! Although, he seems to be working in that direction. It makes my heart hurt to hear about the incompetencies that are taking place at that beautiful resort since Joe V took over.  (Jan 3, 2011 | post #4)