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Oct 19, 2011

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Jehovah's Witness

12/09/12 WT Study!!!!

Are you kidding me? Just how many times besides the not just 7 times but 77 times are we suppose to let an elder hit us in the face? are you kidding me AGAIN? They believe in abusing elderly people as well as domestic violence!!!!The only thing they want is money and you better have plenty of it as well. ONLY new cars,vans and trucks need to show up and you had better hhave on 300.00 suits when you walk in the the kingdom hall. I know, It sickens me to think that money,cars, trips,and bragging rights are at the top of conversations in groups out in service AS WELL AS STOPPING AT ALL YARD SALES! just to act like they have no money so the ones in the car group will give MORE money to the driver. IT SICKENS ME.  (Dec 21, 2012 | post #216)

Jehovah's Witness

Fake Christmas

I'm one of Jehovah Witnesses. I have been back stabed and lied about by more witness's then I can count. They have clicks and clan's. The service coordinator's and elders will preach the Bible standards for all to follow but if you find one who does they will have no friends. The elders lie about drinking,sex,domestic violence,child abuse,money and taxes.They preach about the end, but act as if they can do what ever they want and as long as no one is caught, they continue. The clicks are woman and men and groups of get togethers. In service they check you out to see if you will talk about people, so they can feel free to talk about people and they all get warned at the conventions about doing so but that lasts as long as the talk does. Go to the elders to confess and it will be all over the kingdom hall before the next meeting,done by woman who are married to the elders who make the phone calls the next day after they get the information from their husbands.This has gone on forever by pioneers,as well as any member who belong and they teach to do the samething in front of their children who end up with bipolar, that is if the father hasn't slept with the daughter. That is if the husband hasn't been beating his kids and wife. Or the wife doesnt flurt with another elder and sleep with him. Or the husband sleeps with the pioneer and then call his wife crazy to hide what he did and make himself feel better. They say when a kingdom hall has gods spirt,it grows. Look how many kingdomhalls have really grown with new bible studies and not just the bipolor kids that have grown up and had more bipolor kids. Yes, jehovah needs to clean house in Benton,TN.Athens,TN. Guntersville,AL. Albertville,AL. Tampa,FL.Panama,FL. Gadsden,AL.Dallas,TX. Chandler,AZ.LosAnglas,Cal.Marana,Az.And New York where it all started from. Friends of mine are or have been in those kngdom halls and you would think the are speaking about the worst clans around when they have spoken about the terrible things that are happening and why aren't they taken care of. Nothing will be taken are of if the elders close their eyes and zip their lips and dont act like what Jehovah expected them to act like. It just bcomes another place to go to on Sunday morning to wear the latest suit or dress or drive the newest van or car or suv and talk about the next trip they will be taking on a cruz or to the watchtower farm. So life goes on and nothing will ever change  (Dec 20, 2012 | post #1185)

Domestic Violence (Domestic Abuse)

Mission RCMP fight against domestic violence

I hope that other police offices look to this one as a example and I hope they do become an example. One thing I would like to see happen with all cases.When the woman signs her statement as to what happened at the time the abuse, she should be given a copy of her statement including where she signed it along with the officer signing it that he has received it. What happened to me was my x payed to have my statement changed and my written statement that I signed disappeared.  (May 16, 2012 | post #1)

Domestic Violence (Domestic Abuse)

[RI] THIS time West Warwick Officer Caldwell is charged w...

For every man who abuses his wife or children needs to have a bill board put up in his town at the police station with his picture on it,telling what he did and he needs to sit under it 8 hours aday for 30 days and have to pay to make it and put it up and then pay for the next guy who abuses his wife or children.The next guy needs to do the same thing,sit 8 hours under his bill board for 30 days and have to pay for the next guys bill board and so on. These men are nothing more then play ground bullys. Everyone needs to know who they are.  (May 16, 2012 | post #5)

Domestic Violence (Domestic Abuse)

CCSO opens investigation into Bay Police Chief

Hi to Black Oak,AR. I agree 100 percent with you.I was abused for 30 years to a man who was nice to everyone else but his own family who he treated as he owned us and so he could do what ever he felt like. During my divorce,he had the money and a lawyer who was a friend of the judge who somehow got my case when he wasn't suppose to,I wonder how?hum? But anyway my x paid the small town police officers to hurass me. Do I know for sure he paid them? Well anything I said was as if I was talking to a wall and everything he did he got away with and my statement that I signed when he broke my arm disapeared from the police station and when my lawyer asked for a copy of it that sent over a typed statement that had been altered.What happened to my hand written signed statement I wrote out that night?This town I live in has crooked cop's and a crooked mayor and they all need to be replaced. They think they are the law and they are above the law and it does not apply to them or their friends or anyone who wants to hand out a couple thousand.  (May 16, 2012 | post #2)

Greenville, KY

what every mother-in-law would like to say to her daughte...

If you had the chance to tell your daughter-in-law something, and it was going to be the only chance to tell what you want her to know,what would it be?  (Feb 22, 2012 | post #1)

Jehovah's Witness

Domestic Assault Laws In Texas

The majority of woman who are in the truth just want the violence to stop once and for all. They married for life and stay because she loves her husband and is will to put up with getting hit. But she also was led to believe if you ask the elders for help,they will help,what fools. Most woman are try more then any other time in their lives to do what they think Jehovah would want them to do,thats it and to ask fore the elders help is not asking them to beat them down further. They do not need to be treated like they are mentally ill, Or be accused of abuses her children who she would give her life for and has taken getting hit by her husband so they wouldn't be hit,or to be treated like no one should talk to her because their buddy who they grew up with is the one who IS mentally sick and has 2 personalities. I wonder how many personalities the elders have! Woman who are being abused who attend any of the meetings have NO help and should not expect any help,they are on their own and need to proceed according to the law,keep their mouth shut and if the elders want to stick their nose in,give them the lawyers number and let them ask the attorney any questions. The only things the elders want is a good record they can show to the visiting C.O. and say they did all they could to help the couple and that is a lie they will be judge for.  (Feb 22, 2012 | post #559)

Jehovah's Witness

Adulters Sitting in Church

There is a man who tells lies who lives in Gadsden,Al. He tells lies because he does not know how to tell the truth.He has told so many lies that he believes the lies he tells and convences people what he says. He will sleep with any woman if she doesnt tell on him.He likes blonds with long hair. He like for them to be skinny and long legs. Oh if you tell on him he will hit you in the face. He sleeps with woman because he hasn't been caught yet,he is very good at what he does and very good at telling lies. He is very good at smileing at you and has a baby face and uses the baby face to get what he wants.Oh but if you dont do what he wants he will kick you in the ribs. He lies about what he has done in the past and lies about what he is doing now. He took an oath years ago to honor,and protect and treat the one person who was beaten over and over as he would want to be treated,he got very confused what that meant because if you said no to him,you would be punched in the face and choke you with his own hands.He goes about his day lieing to others about what he does for a living and stealing money as he goes.Does he own the IRS? Maybe but if you tell on him you will get hit in the head.He has 2 yellow cats,poor cats,they don't know yet he likes to kill cats.They don't know he like to take cats to bed and do things to cats that just isn't normal he won't do it to a dog because a dog will bite and can stand up for it self,a cat isn't as strong.Oh but if you take away the cats and tell him he is sick and needs to be in jail he will hit you again and take away your right to have peace. So if you live with this man,I feel sorry for you that you are a prisoner and are too affraid to get out,because you know if you try to leave he will lie about you,steal from you,lie about you,lie about you and make your life hell.  (Feb 21, 2012 | post #114)

Jehovah's Witness

One JW finally admitted it....

I have alot of questions to ask and I need answers  (Feb 21, 2012 | post #37)

Cleveland, TN

my house caught on fire and had the same guy do the dry w...

home when it was new. His name is Justin. He is honest,works very hard and just can not beat his price. I know this guy works for another company,(brown trucks) but as far as I have known him he did dryway first. If you need drywall done call justin M. (Don't want to get you in trouble Justin,but your the best!)  (Dec 4, 2011 | post #1)

Jehovah's Witness

Gonzales's and JBM better find a lawyer in their JW church

Ever heard of abusing your elder?  (Nov 12, 2011 | post #1)

Marana, AZ

Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain

well for melinda and martin who knows how to steal money,this will be the place they can go to spend stollen money. Way to go to show your son and daughter how to spend money but tell everyone else you are poor,who do you think you are kidding?Anyone lately you have stollen their checking account from? or better yet their social security check?  (Nov 10, 2011 | post #1)

Cleveland, TN

Got leftover Halloween candy?

Give it to my daughter-in-law,she'll eat it.  (Oct 31, 2011 | post #1)

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