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May 30, 2012

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why does parents hurt childern in divorce putting in midd...

Why is it that the kids of a bad divorce get used as pawns in it and the parents only care for themselves not the hurt they put on their kids, I have a 20 year old daughter that has been lied to since she was 6, I have been looking for her for 19 years and found her last year, she talked to my wife and found out she was lied about me not wanting her and her sister was deceased who also so wants her in her life. I have tried to reach out and tell my side of the story, but she has not called me back. I cant believe how much hurt and pain she must be going through. All I want is for her to know I lost my father who was murdered when I was 19 years old so family means everything to me. I take blame for my part in the spilt up. If she would just call me and listen maybe she would not feel the emptiness I see in so many friends of mine that has had this happen too as well including my present wife. My daughter lives in Ritzville Wa. her name is Victoria Rose Russell born in Auburn Ca I pray that her heart will heal and she picks up the phone and calls me. My life will not be complete till I have this beautiful young lady in my life. There is not a day go's by I wake up and have her on my mind, her sister just lost her younger brother and she to wants Victoria in her life as well that is her only other sister. Listen people stop using your sons and daughters as chess pieces cause you are mad at your ex. My daughter Sarah her mother and I are close friends cause we did not want her hurt I even get along great with her step father. Also don't say you are a Christian but your actions in life show you lie and hold on to hate which turns into sin. All I say is I sure don't want to stand in front of my God and have to answer for it. I hope someone reads this and takes it to heart, and before you go and do something stupid witch our prisons are full of bad mistakes of not working out our anger and who wins then no one. I hope that this story helps at least 1 family and keeps the kids happy cause they have both mom and dad in their life. Just in closing I would go up and see my daughter but I am disabled getting ready to have my 7th major back operation and cannot travel for a few months plus my fianc├ęs have keep me tied down. So please everyone who reads this pray, read the bible and keep your family together do not end up hurting yourself or kids. God Bless Everyone Eddy Peiffer  (Apr 7, 2013 | post #1)

Ritzville, WA

missing daughter

i am a marine vet who has been looking for my daughter for over 20 years after mother took her and left state against law, I just recently found her she was told her older sister was dead and I did not want her, her name is victory russell this poor daughter of mine is hurt from all the deception she has been through, I take blame for not finding her earlier sppecially when they signed my name on adoption papers, I want to know does anyone feel I am wrong for fighting and will not give up til this beautiful child of mine knows she has another whole family who has never given up to find her because she is my blood and the love is there all she has to do is call us any help or comments from anyone  (Jun 15, 2012 | post #1)