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Jul 3, 2007

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Indianapolis, IN

With gas @ $4, should we be drilling for new oil?

Thanks for the working link Jim. I agree with everything you and Mr. Newt said. The globalists who want to bring the American middle class to poverty really honk me off.  (Jun 22, 2008 | post #173)


Funny Car driver Kalitta dies in crash

The Kalitta family has been a top drag racing family since the 60's. I can remember Connie Kalitta racing Don Garlits for the championship many times (which Big Daddy Garlits rarely lost).  (Jun 22, 2008 | post #36)

Indianapolis, IN

With gas @ $4, should we be drilling for new oil?

Jim, your link just took me to generic YouTube. Give a complete link. I want to watch your video.  (Jun 22, 2008 | post #167)

Indianapolis, IN

Gas prices climb to record high

Would you rank your points please? #1) Invest in oil commodities and make millions;OR #2) Don't Worry, Be Happy........oil prices will eventually come down. Thank you.  (May 24, 2008 | post #364)

Indianapolis, IN

With gas @ $4, should we be drilling for new oil?

Oh, is that so? Have you tried it? Just keep telling yourself that as you pay $70-80 to fill up yor SUV so you can drive the next 200 miles. HHO (Brown Gas) is much cleaner and more efficient than dirty gasoline. The fact is that this technology has been around for decades, and has been kept off the market so that you will buy lots of gasoline, and pay lots of $$$ to do it. It's the same with the Electric Car. Google "Who Killed The Electric Car" if you want to know the truth. These effective technologies are kept covered up and off the market because of GREED!!! http://www.sonycla dtheelectriccar  (May 18, 2008 | post #49)

Indianapolis, IN

With gas @ $4, should we be drilling for new oil?

With gas at $4.00/gallon, why don't you do something that can double your mileage, and is cheap?  (May 18, 2008 | post #46)

Indianapolis, IN

Cancel rush hour: Big John leaves WIBC

Actually I wish they'd get rid of that smart-a$$ Queery guy. What a punk. I know Jeff Pigeon, and Jake Queery is no Jeff Pigeon (or Gary Todd either for that matter). Also, Terry Stacy doesn't sound so "cute" any more since she has a more vocal role since "Pidge" left. Maybe they do traffic from a news desk now, but it's not as colorful as when I was involved in a slight traffic accident on 465 during rush hour in about 1984. The 1070 "WhirlyBird " with Big John on board landed in the field right next to the interstate. Now that was cool.  (May 15, 2008 | post #44)

The Indianapolis Star

Property owners get relief, reform

What about the make-up payment due shortly. Did it get cancelled, or are we going to get 3 (count em folks, THREE) tax bills this year? I say we vote out all incumbents. They are all cowards.  (Mar 15, 2008 | post #25)

The Indianapolis Star

DST costs Hoosiers millions, study says

<Not Fooled wrote>: The ONLY reason we're on Eastern instead of we should because Mitch needs to be on the same time as his masters in DC. This article exposes another LIE we have been fed about DST being good for us. If we don't vote that criminal out of office Indiana will be destroyed in the next four years. With no accountability for Mitch, the toll road issue will be revived, more government functions privatized and our state will be bankrupt. And Mitch? He'll shuffle off to his next assignment....beho lden as he is to the neocons....and we'll all be left with the bill. -Such a great post, I had to put it up again. We will change the time back like it should be after we give Mitch the Greg Ballard treatment. YES!  (Mar 9, 2008 | post #550)

The Indianapolis Star

DST costs Hoosiers millions, study says

Hey wise guy, turn your comments around. If we can't trust MITCH with the time zone, how can we trust him with the "REAL" issues such as "taxes, job creation, etc"? Great post.  (Mar 9, 2008 | post #549)

The Indianapolis Star

Fear and loathing in your mailbox

Peace will not come until the love of power is conquered by the power of love. That won't happen until Jesus is on the throne.  (Mar 9, 2008 | post #32)

The Indianapolis Star

RCA Dome hosts its final sports event

City still owes $75 million on soon-to-be demolished RCA Dome Article published Oct 29, 2006 SouthBendTribune.c om: INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indianapolis residents will be paying for the RCA Dome for more than a decade after the Indianapolis Colts leave their longtime home for a new stadium that will open in 2008. The city still owes about $75 million in principal on bonds related to the construction of the RCA Dome, which opened in 1984. The debt was supposed to be paid off by 2013, but because it has been refinanced several times and its term extended, those bonds won't be retired until 2021 - 13 years after the dome is razed and the Colts have moved into their new digs at nearby Lucas Oil Stadium. "The average person has the right to feel like this is a jive deal, that they're continuing to pay for improvements for a stadium that is no longer going to exist," said Fred Glass, head of the city's Capital Improvement Board, which runs the dome. While financial experts say paying for a building that no longer exists isn't ideal, they say the situation shouldn't hurt the city's bond rating or ability to borrow money. A portion of the money used to pay for those bonds is raised through a Marion County restaurant tax, meaning that each dinner sold or bar tab paid helps pay down the dome debt. Indianapolis resident Kay Williams isn't pleased with the situation. "It's like when your dad teaches you about buying cars and trading cars. It's a very good thing to pay off the first car before you buy the second car," he said. The RCA Dome - originally called the Hoosier Dome - was built for about $77.5 million. The Lilly Endowment and the Krannert Charitable Trust contributed $30 million toward the project, and the city sold $47.2 million worth of bonds to finance the rest. Football venues built in the 1980s lack many of the high-end suites and other amenities that later became staples and big revenue-generators at newer venues. While the stadiums might have been built to last 30 years or longer, teams started pushing for more up-to-date versions to keep up with other clubs. Barbara Lawrence, executive director of the Indianapolis Local Public Improvement Bond Bank, said the outstanding debt won't stop plans to tear down the RCA Dome in 2008 as a key part of plans to expand the adjacent Indiana Convention Center. The bonds, she said, are secured by tax revenue - not the building - so bondholders will get paid regardless of whether the stadium is standing. The state of Indiana, which is building the $675 million Lucas Oil Stadium and the $275 million Convention Center expansion, is financing that debt over 30 years. Once interest and financing charges are factored in, the combined project will cost taxpayers about $1.8 billion. Fred, Mitch may not have used a gun on the surrounding county councils, and he may never come to my house with a mask and a pistol. However, I feel the pain of legalized theft just the same.  (Mar 2, 2008 | post #56)

The Indianapolis Star

'Devil' headline has Delph steaming

LOL. Good one Che'  (Mar 2, 2008 | post #22)

The Indianapolis Star

'Devil' headline has Delph steaming

I'd have given this article more credence if it had been about Mitch instead of Delph. Naw, I don't think "El Gobernador esta el Diablo".... --but I do think they're on a first name basis.  (Mar 2, 2008 | post #8)

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