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Sep 5, 2007

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Covington, GA

Child's pregnancy is investigated

Ok, the girl is 15 years old, He is 21, that is wrong no matter what, But, Did she tell him NO? Did she tell him to STOP ? Did she pull off her own clothes? Did she say yes? If they were agreeable on both sides, So be it. It's just like a boy goes home and tells his mom the Teacher had sex with me, Well did he get a hard on? Look people, wake up and smell the coffee! Am I the only man on earth that if I don't want it, It don't get up? PLEASE. If my daughter came home and said the coach had sex with me in the locker room, You must ask questions. Did you tell him to stop? did you undress yourself? This is for guys and girls. If you said no or stop, Now it's time to call the cops, If you undress yourself and laid down well it just happened. The last I knowed the age of consent was 13 in Ga. as long as there is no more than 5 years difference in the age. I could be wrong on this.  (Sep 6, 2007 | post #12)

Covington, GA

window tint law

Thats funny, I can remember when there were only 5 City of Conyers police officers. Cheif Ragsdale, L. George, T. Fogerty, H. Kirk. I just can't remember the fifth ones name. This is to funny, On a slow day you never seen them. LOL  (Sep 5, 2007 | post #2)

Covington, GA

Newton County Recycle Ctrs.

Damn, Just Damn. Can you really believe what people do? During the Labor Day weekend. People placed there trash and garbage in front of the gate at the McGibony Rd. Recycle Ctr. In Covington. Everyone knows that on a couple of Hoildays a year IT"S CLOSED ! ! Now they will be mailing out Tickets. There were about 100 + people identified LOL! LOL! Instead of just a citation you should go to JAIL! ( 10 Days ) plus pay a fine. Whats wrong with folks today? Do you just not care? Or Are you really that STUPID ? ? Maybe you should be put on a work detail and made to pick up trash on the road, Your picture should be placed on the front page of the Covington New. More to come as it develops.  (Sep 5, 2007 | post #1)