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Mar 24, 2012

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Decatur, GA

Motorcycle Theft

My motorcycle was stolen from my front yard on North Decatur, near Suburban Plaza. I had it for less than two months. Get this: Five months ago, I was living on Clairemont near the YMCA. I had a bike identical to this one stolen there! BEWARE of two panhandlers who lurk around the Mcdonalds/Chevron at Clairemont and North Decatur. A day or two preceeding each theft, one of them would appear facinated with my bike after I got my daily expresso. Worse, before the 2nd theft, one guy talked to me about how I live at XXXX North Decatur Road. He had my address correct. The day before the second theft, I had some strange guy with a big white truck, knocking at my door asking if I would like him to fix a dent in my car. Next day, bike stolen. One of the panhandlers would converse with me about the notable nature of my previous residence. These guys had been stalking me. I only wish I were making this up. Anyone with an experience of any similarity, please email me at [email protected] m Everyone: Beware. Thanks.  (Mar 24, 2012 | post #1)