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Sep 2, 2010

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Any Oxy Lovers Over Here??? If so, please read!

Someone mentioned MEK here ? That's part right, or rather that is part of the solution. The answer here is a three solvent solution (hmm... there is a pun here if you're a chemist) What you want to do is dissolve the oxy away from the hydroxypropyl methylcellulose , micro crystalline cellulose, and similar gunk, and recrystal and recover it. Start with a dissolving solution made of 70cc IPA and 70cc VM&P Naptha. (Must be dry- no water, see a chem manual) Drop pills in warm soloution and bring to light boil until they collapse. Do this in three washes: ie use a 1/3, boil and crumble, and decant off the fluid into a filter (saving fluid), leaving sediment behind, use another 1/3, again bring to lite boil for a minute, decant off into filter, reapeat with last 1/3, saving the fluid. Now you should have a cloudy warm soloution from all three washes, about 120-135 cc worth depending on how careful you are, combined. Add xylene, about 50cc, and begin to heat, and bring to a boil- under a hood, or outside with a fan - you are going to boil off the IPA. Stir regularly to avoid scorching anything. When the IPA is mostly gone you will see it snow, then clear, and snow, and clear... and your temperature will level out twice, the last time at around mid to high 90's (c). When the IPA is gone, the temps can then go up again, stop when you get to 105. All the product should be floating in this solution, so filter it out. Wash crystals in filter with clean dry MEK (cool is best), pouring through maybe 50cc total. Now let it dry until the smell is gone. I can not stress this enough: All solvents must be dry. Water will steal your product away in steam of a water/ipa azeotrope. Also, these solvents are flammable, use non flame heating source and plenty of ventilation.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #43)

Savannah, GA

NWS: Savannah hit hottest summer ever recorded

Or thanks to summers like this, deluded fools ignore all the suspicious data manipulation, scientists admitting they misled others, new data that shows no overall warming, and still beleive what Al Gore tells them. Viva ManBearPig!  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #2)

he's trying to turn the attention away from him

And I registered. But I couldn't get the ONLY other name I ever used here, or any of 20 combinations of anything close, so I took THIS one to make that point obvious. And then I posted one comment after another of mine, as a continuation of the same message, using both names so it would be clear * to anyone with brains, that BeenThereDoneThat is now a REGISTERED user with UsernameAlreadyReg isterd. I used to think it was cute the way you seemed to be acting like you didn't really know what was going on. Now I see I was wrong. And I apologize for not realizing that you really ARE shallow and stupid. Sorry. *as evidence to show that UAR was BTDT. Instead of someone just typing a new unregistered name at the end of the post like the fakers do (and yet that still seems like magic to some)  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #66)

he's trying to turn the attention away from him

Haha, Yeah, I would sure hope so, if you had tried to live a day in my shoes you'd see that it would be hard not to have what you consider "better than you". And if you missed my point, you are one dense bean !! I'm talking about all the artificial drama you pump your life up with, especially you. You're always saying you are done, you are out of here, and then the next day/post you are right out on front throwing rocks again, and forgetting what side you were on the day before. That's what I am refering to. You could be surrounded by riches, family that loves you even if you go all selfish and self centered on them, and you have to clutter it up with worrying about who got more pills than you, who might have gotten something for nothing, who said something in such a way that it may have somehow reflected badly one you..... And the whole while ignoring the illegality of the pill shopping and sending through the mails, by thinking that they would never bother with you. And I'd bet if you saw some down and out junky, you'd feel that somehow you are better then him, and that he deserved his hard life. Because surely he CHOSE to be that way, while you just HAVE to take your pills. Never mind if he might be a veteren that has to deal with permanent disability he got while REALLY making some peoples lives better.... It's called subtext. Scrape the crap of a brain cell and use one every once in a while.  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #65)

OP 80???? wtf!

You can extract the active ingredient, washing (in 3 parts) with lightly boiling extraction fluid of 50/50 IPA & VM&P Naptha (both must be DRY) , filter, add dry Xylene (about 2/3 the amount of IPA you used). You'll have a soln with no solids, ( IPA, Naptha, Xylene.) Boil off IPA, (you'll boil through 2 plateaus: 1st about 79C and then another in the low 90s, stop at 105c or so all the alcohol is gone) and your product will fall out of soln. Filter, and wash with clean dry MEK. A Standard Organic Chem extraction. All solvents have to be dry, obviously, since oxy is water soluble, and also forms azeotrope with IPA that will screw the pooch. But you knew that. Must be VM&P Naptha, can not sub with colemans because of boiling points.  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #174)


Why does that sound ominous to me ??  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #63)

he's trying to turn the attention away from him

You know, the great thing about this board? When ever I'm tempted to feel sorry for myself, or think my life sucks because of a little pain and heartache, or make the mistake of beating myself up over the past, I can come here. And compared to all the drama, barely submerged venom, ill feeling, ill will, rip offs, hurt feeling..... Well, I'm living a charmed life and should be immensly happy I am not living this shit, now !! Happy Shiny People.... -REM  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #63)

he's trying to turn the attention away from him

I love how people think it erases their debt if the other person gets some money somewhere else. Who gives a rats ass if Greendot refunded her money ? If so, that's her Karma, not yours. It doesn't mean DUH2 or whoever is now somehow allowed to keep his scammings. Some people are so concerned about what someone else gets... It's called coveting. And that little "thou shalt not covet thing" really works for making everyone's life less stressful. We are trying to have a society here. Worry about your own biscuit, and not everyone else's, and you'll find out that you had enough biscuit from the start.  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #60)

he's trying to turn the attention away from him

Oh come on! You are not THAT stupid. You know that Yup is a fake. Playing the "aw shucks, I'm just a little slow, I don't understand... " and then repeating all the things YOU said about why Duh Isn't a scammer, but in the form of a question...  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #59)

Tonopah, AZ

Police searching for woman last seen in Tonopah

What's the story of the BF? Did you say he had been in jail? And what is the chicken ranch ?  (Sep 6, 2010 | post #44)

recreational pill use = addiction = w/d?

Well I'll be damned! Thanx. No idea you could get them over the internet. I guess you can get anything if the price is right. And they do get a pretty penny there at $8.99 a box. Wonder if these are the little ones like I used to get? I see one box is a package of 12, and the others in boxes of 10. On further examination, the 10 pack box is the mini ones I think, and the 12 pack is the bigger ones, packaged for single sale, a much better deal by weight. Thanx again.  (Sep 6, 2010 | post #36)

I Want My Money Back Big Daddy.............

What do you know of pain? Ever been blown out of your boots? Ever have pieces of material be pushed up from under your skin years later (by infection), that may or may not be peices of your buddy's? Know what it is like to have you first grader son be hit by his principle's car on good friday, putting him into a persistent vegatative state, spending 9 months in PedICU, coming home and lingering for years until finding peace ? (We won't even talk about the $3/4 mil bill I'll never pay off). Try getting out of bed in the morning with that one, mister understanding.  (Sep 6, 2010 | post #100)

I Want My Money Back Big Daddy.............

You don't know that, a lot more people understand then you give credit for. And lots more people have pain, and of differnt kinds than you have. And they may know even more about were you are, and where you go from here.  (Sep 6, 2010 | post #99)


Fuckina Turner....? No, that doesn't sound right. Maybe you were thinking of Fuckina Corner ?  (Sep 6, 2010 | post #39)

recreational pill use = addiction = w/d?

Oh Yeah! That's the one. Look it up on the internet! Why didn't I think of that ? Might have to arrange a trade... TastyKake has creme filled coffee cakes that are pretty good, but they don't hold a candle to Drake's. At least in my memory, haven't had a real drakes in a forever. Debbie cakes are a poor imitation all around, and I've been mostly limited to them for a long time. Luckily I didn't have any taste for sugar for most of those years, but when I stopped drinking, my sweet tooth came roaring back.  (Sep 6, 2010 | post #33)