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Dec 10, 2012

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what do americans think of mexicans?

I have no problems with any particular race when it comes to being an American Citizen. Welcome to Americsa if you come here legally & obey all our laws. Your question of Mexicans in particular makes me look at the history "Illegal " immigrants from Mexico. When coming here illegally (In Mexico you go to prison for illegal entry to Mexico). You broke laws to come, stay here & commit fraud on the taxpayers to get housing, medical & food coverage. Shows no respect for the laws we have. America is a country of laws. Having broken so many laws just to be on the pavement in the USA means you have not problem beaking any of our laws. Here in SLC, illegal immigrants drive with no insurance, no license, & can't even read the trafic signs. One injury accident costs Utah taxpayers $ 10's of thousands for medical & property damage & enormous legal fees. Local resturaunts here, were buying cheese from an illegal, then many many people got sick. Turns out the cheese was being made in his bathtub, No Respect for the laws. Health laws, permits none were adhered to. These are the people I have a problem with. Come to America Legally & be an American. Don't try to turn America into where you came from.  (Jan 20, 2013 | post #235)