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Nov 6, 2010

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Boston, MA

R&b Icon Chris Tian Plea to Rollingstone Magazine from Po...

Chris Tian, who just released a very catchy song for the Boston victims and is trying to help raise money for the One Fund through his chart topping song is quite -  (Jul 17, 2013 | post #1)


foolish and detroit drop new singles with global distribu...

New Orleans---Detroit’ s single, “Bop”, and Foolish’ single, “I Be Gunnin/Yoon Yoon”, are two new music releases officially launched by New Orleans’ record label, On Beam Management & Entertainment, LLC. On Beam Management & Entertainment, LLC. is on the mark making corporate power - Read More at link: http://urbanmusicb 013/06/foolish-and -detroit-drop-new- singles.html  (Jun 19, 2013 | post #1)

Top Stories

Jason Little Relates to Tina Turner About Domestic Violen...

R&b artist Jason Little former Universal Records recording artist, cares about the well-being of people (especially women) has just dropped his new hot single entitled, "IT'S ALRIGHT." The song shares a message to the listeners about how domestic violence continues to get out of control world-wide in relationships and it needs to be - Read Below: http://urbanmusicb 013/04/jason-littl e-relates-to-tina- turner.html  (Apr 27, 2013 | post #1)


Female Rapper Princess Digital Ignites an Exciting Radio ...

Platinum selling Crime Mob artist Princess Digital now goes solo with her hot sound. The female rapper known from hit songs such as, "Rock Yo Hips" and "Knuck If You Buck" has just put out her "Hiatus" mixtape which is now grabbing attention everywhere and online sharing her latest creative developments. Princess Digital is not only an accomplished rapper and songwriter, but she also has incredible skills as an actor. Currently, Digital is working on a film (surprise topic in the works soon to be mentioned) which is also one of her passions in life in the entertainment business. Recently interviewed on UrbanMusicBuzz, Princess shared her story with Host Chris Tian and baffled Tian with her exciting news. Tune in to Princess Digital's exclusive interview on Sunday, March 17th at 8PM Eastern Time on  (Mar 8, 2013 | post #1)

Los Angeles, CA

Super Bowl XLVII Features Beyonce Knowles

Get ready for half time with Beyonce Knowles at the Super Bowl XLVII. This exciting game will be on February 13th at the Mercedez-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Beyonce married to hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and mother to Blu Ivy is now getting ready to get a touchdown with her amazing voice. How can you not support a 16 time Grammy-winner known for her hit songs such as, "Crazy Love" and Single Ladies ," and more.. Remember the 2012 Super Bowl half time show presented Madonna, M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj..? UrbanMusicBuzz Team  (Oct 16, 2012 | post #1)

Foxborough, MA

Join Musiq Soulchild at Showcase Live July 12th from 5pm ...

Showcase Live presents R&b sensation Musiq Soulchild on July 12th. Please join Musiq from 5pm - 6pm for his book signing and photo op at this "special " Meet & Greet at Sound Check. This is one event you can't miss out on! See poster at Links below: http://www.urbanmu http://urbanmusicb 012/07/join-musiq- soulchild-july-12t h-from-5pm.html UrbanMusicBuzz Team  (Jul 11, 2012 | post #1)


50 Cent Released from Hospital After Car Accident

Rapper 50 Cent is out of the hospital says his representative after being in a car accident Tuesday morning in New York. The accident was on the LIE (Long island Expressway). 50 Cent, who sufferers minor neck and back injuries at New York Hospital Queens and seems to be doing fine says the rappers rep. Supposedly Bruce Miller, who was the driver of the car was also injured from the accident and he is also released from the hospital. 50 Cent, known as Curtis Jackson is 36 years old and there are photos of him in a neck brace as well as photos of him on a stretcher on his website UrbanMusicBuzz Team  (Jun 26, 2012 | post #1)


Regina Belle Remembers Donna Summer on UrbanMusicBuzz wit...

Multi Grammy-winning Regina Belle touches DJ /Host Chris Tian on UrbanMusicBuzz with a recent interview with the soul sensation. Belle, who continues to share her amazing talent is launching her new hot CD called, "Higher" on June 5th, 2012 and is also pushing her latest smash hit single, "Make An Example Out of Me" which is also off of her "Higher" album. "Go get this HOT album in the stores on June 5th! I love, "Higher" and please buy her downloads on iTunes as well!" say's Tian! According to Chris Tian, Tian felt very moved when he heard her latest songs on her new album and tells us here on UrbanMusicBuzz that Regina Belle is very blessed with her gift that she shares with all of us who support her immensely. Both Chris and Regina also honor disco legend Donna Summer who recently passed away on the UrbanMusicBuzz show and Regina shares her story when she met Summer. Tune in Tuesday night May 22nd at 8PM (EST) to Regina Belle and Chis Tian honoring Donna Summer on UrbanMusicBuzz. This is a sound bite you'll never want to miss remembering a real disco legend. Special thanks to the following: Regina Belle, Pendulum Records, Walker Davidson Entertainment and Ivy Taylor for their wonderful support right here on  (May 20, 2012 | post #1)

Top Stories

D.R.S. Lead Singer Reflects on Their Hit Song "Gangsta Le...

R&b artist LaMarr "Deuce" Lubin who was signed to Capitol Records with the hot r&b group Dirty Rotten Skoundrels (D.R.S.) in 1993 -94 is hit hard by the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. This horrible news brought the soul singer to reflect on similar experiences of a friend who had been killed. Deuce Lubin writes a very heart-felt letter to Trayvon's parents dedicating, "Gangsta Lean" to Trayvon and those that have been unnecessarily murdered. Read letter below: A letter to Trayvon Martin's Parents:   As I sit here listening to the news , looking at my emails and reading facebook about your tragic son's death I can't help but remember my song "Gangsta Lean (This is for my Homies)" which my group DRS made back in 93-94. I remember us making the song because a dear friend had been killed and we didn't have an outlet to express how we felt. At that time my friend was looked at as a hoodlum, gang banger, some one that society would say was not a productive citizen because of the style of clothes he wore, but that was far from the truth.  Although my friend was young he had accomplished a lot in his young life. He had been a youth counselor, karate instructor for underprivileged youth and just a nice guy that old and young alike had respected and liked. But because he had dressed a certain way he had been mis judged by people that never got to know who he really was. So we thought writing this song would not only honor our friend but also bring a change so people would see that no matter what a person does, say or live they are someones Homie, Loved one, Son, Daughter, Friend, Father, Mother and Human Being.    Now thinking about your son's death I realize that nothing has changed. People are still being judged based on there race and there clothing.  How crazy is that. I truly understand because I myself was pulled over recently because I was driving a Cadillac with a Louie Vuitton beanie and a matching scarf and was stopped and handcuffed put in the back of the car and when I asked why I was told that I was bigger than him and could cause him harm although he was the one with the gun. So I applaud you for your vigilance and your steadfastness for fighting for your son and making sure that his killing didn't fall through the cracks. Too many times have minorities been profiled and for the wrong reason. Walking through a neighborhood wearing a hoodie and being an African American youth should not be a reason for some one following you and ultimately shooting you to death.   So I want you to know that I will dedicate my song to your son forever and those that are killed unnecessarily. His death has also spurred me to get back into doing my music and writing music about the injustices of the this world. I just want to send out some love and peace to you and your family and to let you know that you are in my prayers and I pray that God send you some comfort in knowing that we the world stand with you and that the beautiful child that you brought into this world will never I mean never be forgotten, so I say Trayvon Martin "go ahead and rest in that gangsta lean" cause "This is for my homie."   Sincerely LaMarr "Deuce" Lubin Watch "Gangsta Lean" Video at link below: .com/embed/dVSiv8- ugu0 Press Release by: Sunfish Entertainment Team & LaMarr "Deuce" Lubin www.sunfishenterta 32;www.sunfishente #8232;email us: [email protected] Syndicated by UrbanMusicBuzz Team  (Mar 27, 2012 | post #1)

Los Angeles, CA

hot music producer kannon "caviar" cross interview 01/11

Tune in to a major music producer Kannon "Caviar" Cross on Urbanmusicbuzz as he shares his life story as a producer and working with some of the biggest names of hip hop and R&b artists in the music scene today. Kannon has known R&b celebrity Cee Lo Green for awhile and recently was called upon to produce Cee Lo on his new solo album. As we already know Cee Lo Green is one the the hottest R&b artists with his recent hit song, "Forget You" which is a fun soulful song that will get one shakin' their booty around. Kannon is excited about this recent up and coming project working with Cee Lo. He's also worked with Grammy winning female R&b artist Macy Gray and is also getting ready to work on another album with her. Cross is no stranger to the Rap and Hiphop scene working with rap superstars such as T.I., Eazy-E, to name a few and produces these major artists at his Vault Studios off the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. There is so much to know about Kannon Caviar Cross and his recent interview on urbanmusicbuzz will be launched January 11, 2012 at 9PM eastern time. http://www.urbanmu Press Release by: UrbanMusicBuzz Team UrbanMusicBuzz is also accepting interview submissions. For more information on how to get yourself heard on UrbanMusicBuzz please send a request to: Interview Request Email - [email protected] Press Release Submission - [email protected] Contact UrbanMusicBuzz below: # # # UrbanMusicBuzz is a WorldWide (mostly) Black Entertainment press site sharing the latest breaking news from both major and independent artists around the globe. We promote both major and independent artists that need exposure and enjoy spreading the word. We accept press releases from these genres of music: Urban, R&b, Soul, HipHop Rap, Neo-Soul, R&b Dance/Club, Smooth Jazz, Reggae, WorldBeat, R&b Latin, Blues, Funk, Gospel and if there is more TIED in with this website please share it with us.  (Jan 9, 2012 | post #1)

Portsmouth, NH

Hot Reggae Sensation Mighty Mystic Performed At The Ports...

Reggae sensation Mighty Mystic makes noise in Portsmouth, New Hampshire December 29th upstairs at The Portsmouth Gaslight Company ending their events of 2011 with a high note. Mystic who ended a major show at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, later made a huge splash in Portsmouth performing his hit song, "Here I Am", which is a song featuring celebrity reggae artist Shaggy. The spectators in The Portsmouth Gaslight were so mesmerized when Mystic opened his mouth into the microphone sharing his soulful sound. The recent shows with Mighty Mystic was definitely put together with one astounding team who all believe in this reggae superstar starting with Jewels Inc., (Agent), Good Vibes DJ (Koko-P & Flex), WXGR FM (Radio Station), Green Lion Crew and security provided by John Orlen. "This was a very organized show and Mighty Mystic himself really grabbed my attention during his performance. I really hope he returns to do another show in Portsmouth so he can continue to share his story through his music", quotes UrbanMusicBuzz DJ/Host Chris Tian. People have mentioned that they couldn't believe what a nice and humble person Mighty Mystic is as he spent time with his fans until the end of the night while the club was closing out. For more information about Mighty Mystic please check out his website below: http://www.mightym Press Release by UrbanMusicBuzz http://www.urbanmu  (Dec 30, 2011 | post #1)


Jimi Hendrix and the Ghetto Fighters Breaking News

The top of November begins the countdown to the most unprecedented music release of the year involving legendary guitarist, Jimi Hendrix.   After almost 40 years in the vault, the never before heard or seen material on music legend, Jimi Hendrix, and the Ghetto Fighters™ will be released on Hendrix’ birthday, November 27th 2011. The previously unreleased music was produced by Jimi Hendrix, Arthur and Albert Allen (aka The Aleems - TaharQa and Tunde Ra Aleem), the 3 principals of Jimi Hendrix and the Ghetto Fighters.    The Aleems will release the first episode of an animated series entitled, “Mojo Man”, from the DMS™ series “Jimi Hendrix and The Ghetto Fighters” a cutting edge, animated, motion comic-style music video that the Aleem’s have branded “Clea’art (DMS) ™ . which will also debut an un-heard original single tiled, “Mojo Man” featuring, Jimi Hendrix on guitar and the Ghetto Fighters with Leroy Burgess on vocals.   The music with an accompanying video will be made available on Hendrix Birthday,November 27th 2011 released globally.  See  www.urbanstreetta Source : CelebWire Syndicated by UrbanMusicBuzz  (Nov 1, 2011 | post #1)


Gospel Legend Vickie Winans Exclusive Interview on UrbanM...

UrbanMusicBuzz celebrates it's 1st year anniversary by interviewing gospel sensation Vickie Winans about her hit single, "Release It" from Destiny Joy Records. This amazing song with powerful lyrics and music takes one to a heavenly place while listening to this eloquent song with a heavy meaning. This amazing heart-felt video of, "Release It" was directed by Eric Wheelwright who did an incredible job says DJ/Host Chris Tian from UrbanMusicBuzz. Chris Tian sends his big thank you "shout out" to Bill Carpenter who helped coordinate this wonderful interview with the very blessed Vickie Winans. You can't miss Tian and Winans for sending prayers out to the victims of 9/11 honoring both everyone lost and to the ones still suffering this devastating event in the United States during the interview. For more information about the interview Tune In to: http://www.urbanmu or http://www.urbanmu terviews.html - for interview Please check out Vickie Winans song, "Release It" at: http://www.vickiew Press Release by: Sunfish Entertainment sunfishentertainme contact - [email protected]  (Sep 8, 2011 | post #1)


R&b Celebrity Chris Tian Supports Giavanna Going to College

Chris Tian, who just received an email from Giavanna Foster, climbs on board to help raise funds for Giavanna going to Santa Monica College this fall with a download campaign of his new song remix of, "Baby, Come On Out (CluB HiTech Mix)." A percentage of the song sales for this hot remix are going right back to help Giavanna continue her education after graduating with a 4.0 average, she is also a spelling bee champion, and a member of the National Honor Society. Chris is asking other celebrities to join him as he fights to get kids into college who don't have the sufficient funds like Giavanna. Chris is calling on Stevie Wonder to climb on board with him and is asking Stevie to interview him and Giavanna on KJLH Radio (in Los Angeles) about his campaign and the struggles of educational funding. Tian said that many other other celebrities are welcome to join him and Giavanna by talking about how important it is for colleges / universities to accept students who really score highly and to make scholarship funds available to them. Chris Tian asks, "How can kids become our future with the expensive costs of education and make a difference in our society? Let alone many students can't afford those outrageous prices and find good jobs after they graduate college with an astonishing degree and the students are still paying their student loans by flipping burgers and McDonalds at age sixty! For more information on how to get yourself heard on UrbanMusicBuzz please send a request to: Interview Request Email - [email protected] Press Release Submission - [email protected] Source: UrbanMusicBuzz [email protected]  (Jul 18, 2011 | post #1)

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