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Jul 9, 2010

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He is blatantly irresponsible toward endeavors concerning the populous . Not only pertaining to finances of wall street. Arizona exercising constitutional as well congressional laws in his personal dispute . He has violated constitutional law while creating an adolescent bully behavior in office . Monopoly of any suggestion ,owned and operate by , or through any and or all alliances , distributed or concerns of any government agency is under direct violation of the constitution . The federal reserve act of 1913 was a direct violation . As are the events concerned here . Will the government pull another constitutional fraud to issue these violations as well ? It's time to wake up America , the governing entities are being led by the nose through corporate concern . Violation of political law is no less a crime than shooting a police officer . They carry the same weight . A blatant disregard toward the law as well moral concern and or but not confined to " American Freedom " !  (Jul 14, 2010 | post #23)

Ionia, MI

Justice VS deceit

I received a phone call yesterday that implied . Cole Kennedy and Tom Frazee were allegedly to be in court Friday concerning a case I have from the beginning of interests , considered intentional deception concerning the divorce of Cole and his X wife Terry . Where Cole during dissolution under knowing misrepresentation contracted a loan / loans from Tom and or other persons in order sell off . Hide business assets and or but not limited to any and or all incorporated items equipment claimed also unclaimed ,and or personal properties through default of said loan / loans also keeping them in the previous owners names . Blatant negligence of ownership . Cole allegedly had other individuals involved within his scheme to divert the business , property ,finances also equipment , properties from lawful division . Cole adamantly claiming he was financially devastated ,while he remained in total control of the lucrative cash only business . He has retained full ownership to date of Tom removing said portion of equipment in question at the conclusion of Holland Tulip time , this spring 2010 . The only existing business altercation . Tom allegedly claimed default concerning the alleged loans where Cole had several if not al titles transferred into toms name shortly after the divorce had been filed , knowingly during divorce proceedings where there were to be no liquidation , sales ,transfers , manipulations and or removal of any tangible assets . All deliberate actions . Therefore taking possession of said equipment sometime after Cole received a notorious letter in March of 2010 . Until then it seemed Tom was focusing on the only concession equipment Cole did not receive in the divorce . I found extremely odd with great skepticism toward the true intent . The letter had been turned over to Cole in the Plant city Florida courtroom Pertaining to a separate case that involved false testimony by Cole toward another entity . The D.V.I. case Cole orchestrated under false pretense ,was dismissed . Though the letter containing multiple details concerning Cole personal actions as well an assortment of other parties remained ,now in Coles possession . The letter covered the allegations of possible Coercion as well possible extortions concerning the alleged actions prior to ,also within the entirety of the divorce .Cole allegedly committed with cooperation of others ,a plan allegedly devised to avoid viable dissolution of any ,and or all of the marital assets he could manipulate . As well ,the letter contained various stipulations concerning allegations of further involved criminal and or perverse activities concerning Coles personal interests . Once Cole had received the letter from the Judge .After the conclusion of court Cole returned home then after reading the letter attentively ,began to call the others mentioned in the letter , advising them of possible future legal repercussions that may evolve should this letters authenticity be investigated . At present the court hearing is over as I did not post this until the Sunday . Cole said he admitted to fraud in the testimony , regarding his previous statements within the Florida court system concerning the assets in the divorce . The whole ordeal as well the complete situation is evolving he or , they . Whomever they may be seem to be staggering in some sort of mental disarray . As the tales from Coles conversations alone . Continuously surround a profound distortion through an adversity of complex varieties of fabrication traveling through this seemingly endless saga of courtroom betrayal .  (Jul 11, 2010 | post #1)

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