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Sep 13, 2012

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Q & A with uneducated hick


I do not censor my comments..

Local Favorites:

If you amuse me, ill kill you last

I Belong To:

Inappropriatness, sarcasm and bitterness

When I'm Not on Topix:

I swear im up to no good..

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I have sexdaily. I mean dyslexia

I'm Listening To:

My 13 different personalities

Read This Book:

The road to give a fck is that way ----> Please be on it...

Favorite Things:

Offending people. And I want to apologize to anyone I haven't. Please be patient, I will get to you.

I Believe In:

Smiling at the bitches that try to bring you down, laughing at the haters who are jealous an pointing a middle finger at the idiots who think they're better