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Oct 3, 2012

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Erie County, NY

Mother guilty of kidnapping (Jacqueline Bontzolakes) JURORS

I disagree with @Appalled. The Jury's Guilty Verdict against Jacqueline Bontzolakes is the correct conclusion. I agree with the jury's verdict that Jacqueline Bontzolakes was guilty of these crimes. @Appalled, here are responses to your questions. 1. Why did she do it? - the parental kidnapping research shows that the motive for this crime is usally anger and revenge or simply a narcissist not wanting to share the child(ren). It's not for love or protection of the child. 2. A Mother should always have the right to protect her child - Yes, the mother should have the right to protect her children but Jacqueline Bontzolakes had many legal options she should have used before boarding the flight with her children for the Barbados. With all the U.S. funding that goes to our country's Family and Domestic Violence Programs, why didn't she receive better assistance or advice before kidnapping her children. She certainly should have known the consequences of her actions. 3. Expert Witnesses - Most jurors today are aware that you shouldn't base your verdict on a Expert Witness testimony, regardless of their credentials. 4. 27 Family Court Petitions - Anyone who as been to Family Court knows that Family Law Attorneys will not file petitions without a valid reason. It sounds like the cycle of control, unfairness and danger was caused by Jacqueline Bontzoakes and not the Fathers. Fauzia Mattingly was doing her job, enforcing our country's parental kidnapping and passport laws. If custodial-embattle d parents like Jacqueline Bontzolakes didn't like the verdict reached by the Family Court, they can't unilaterally decide custody of their children. The law to require both parents signature for obtaining a passport and consent before leaving the country are in place to rightfully protect the rights of the children and parents. You should be applauding the efforts of this prosecutor. If your children or grandchildren were kdnapped, your opinions in this case would be different. You are the one that should be ashamed of yourself. - Underwatch  (Oct 3, 2012 | post #2)