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May 22, 2008

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Hampton Roads Daily Press

Authorities: Mich. man, 93, froze to death indoors after ...

I can already visualize the bleeding hearts on this one with animosity towards the electric company. My animosity comes from no one being close enough to check on that man who was in his 90's. I went to live with my mother when she was in her upper 80's so she'd have the things she needed. No body cared for this man at all. It is not the electric company's fault (if anyone thinks so) because if they did not get paid, they'd go out of business.  (Jan 27, 2009 | post #17)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Parents: Cuts will hit rural schools hardest

All entities can belt tighten, even schools. I, as a taxpayer, have to budget my money and cut out things I can't afford; so can schools. Stop the field trips - teach more geography, math and spelling. Graduates of today's schools can't spell, can't add and they can't find France on a map. As far as the rollover funds go, even way back when my mother taught school in the 60's, every year the principal would say now, to get a new engorged budget for this year, be sure and use all (or hide some things) the budget items from this year. I found that appalling then (and I was little) and now (when I'm old).  (Jan 27, 2009 | post #1)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Pa. man facing theft charge says he considered $175,000 b...

They both should serve long jail terms. The audacity to put God into this makes me angry. This couple is without morals and I do trust they never have children to pass this behavior on to.  (Jan 26, 2009 | post #1)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

To Al Jazeera, Phoebus looks like Main Street USA

If the coffee house was so lit up, why not photos, DP? We all want to see!  (Nov 5, 2008 | post #9)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Maverick's dream unfulfilled

George Bush is definitely not as bad as Jeremiah White. I don't like George Bush but Jeremiah White is almost a terrorist who hates America. America certainly deserves what it will now get!  (Nov 5, 2008 | post #46)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Delivery driver shot by two men on bicycles

Delivery drivers, carry guns. Visit the gun show this weekend in Hampton and buy one. Then you can blow the heads off any bicycle boys who try to rob you. I wish you had done it with these two slime balls.  (Sep 18, 2008 | post #50)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Three charged in beating of student, 14, in Hampton school

I'm wondering how many of you posters would like to be a teacher in today's society and in today's schools. I certainly would not and my mother taught school for 30+ years. The teachers today have to tow a hard line - they can't discipline and you cannot have a class without it. I guess in the place of discipline, they give the students drugs to keep them sluggish and quiet so the teacher can at least live to see another day. Even school bus drivers can't discipline the students (do I dare call them students because they don't act like it). You could not pay me enough money today to be a teacher or to be a bus driver.  (Sep 12, 2008 | post #77)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Shootout suspect may be serial rapist

Boy, I hope they get this slimeball out of society and lock him up permanently. All those places mentioned in the article, I have been and it certainly makes you think twice before exiting your car without locking it up even for a minute or walking somewhere alone.  (Sep 12, 2008 | post #1)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Police: Montana mother kept dead son in trunk for months,...

Where is the father?  (Sep 9, 2008 | post #5)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

UFC fighter Evan Tanner found dead in desert

What in the world killed him? You can live for a good long time if you just have water and are clothed for the weather. Did an animal get to him or what? The paper surely does not elaborate. Since he spoke so much about dying, maybe that was what he wanted. Who knows!  (Sep 9, 2008 | post #1)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Link feared between recent, past abductions

Ladies, carry a spray bottle of clorox and do not be afraid to use it. I'll bet after a squirt of that in the attacker's eyes (or better yet, maybe you could make up your own concoction of stuff that would burn the devil out of a perp) the person would be screaming and rubbing his face (hopefully the skin would be pealing off by then) and you could get away. If he has a lethal weapon, then I guess you could not do this - "well" unless you carry a lethal weapon yourself, which is a great idea. Then you could blast his ** head off.  (Sep 9, 2008 | post #3)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Iowa man nabbed after using a stolen credit card _ and le...

How stupid can you get? Signing your own name to a stolen credit card. I'm glad criminals are usually dumb.  (Sep 4, 2008 | post #3)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

A food fight with a different flavor

Just what we need - more Walmarts or Supermarkets. We are saturated with such here on the Peninsula I think. There is a Walmart on almost every corner, a Food Lion on every block and this is not to even mention the Drug Stores like Rite Aid, etc. My goodness, do we need so many? There are three food stores that I could actually walk to. Also, we are inundated with these little strip malls (or specialty shops they are called). There is a store everywhere you look.  (Sep 4, 2008 | post #1)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Kids born to dads over 40 may run increased risk of havin...

Horse Pucky! My father was 59 when I was born in 1942 and back then we never even heard of bipolar. I grew up, went to school, behaved, got married, had children, worked, got old and I am still here. All these new diseases just allow for misbehavior and I'm prepared for an avalanche of nasty letters for saying this. They say my grandson has ADD or some such but he just needs an attitude adjustment at times. Attention Deficit, ha! The kids just need to be told to sit down and be quiet and learn something. That's all for now!!  (Sep 2, 2008 | post #1)

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Surprise pregnancy has Republicans off balance

I don't know why the democrats even make a mention of this pregnancy. All they would do is say "Bristol, Kill that baby immediately" and that would be that! At least this baby will have a chance at life.  (Sep 2, 2008 | post #74)