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Jul 20, 2012

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Nashville, GA

berrien county dfcs

My son has be kidnapped by his mother who does not have custody. She filled for food stamps and medicaid through Berrien County DFCS and they knew she didn't have custody! I have tried to speak with the case worker only to be transferred to voicemail, and never receive a return call. The mother of my child has now moved him to Florida in with her adult 22 year old daughter who is in the military and deployed to Afganistan! So, my 15 year old is in Florida by himself with no family, and she is still collecting benefits for him in Berrien County! When I call to notify them that my son has been taken without my permission, they could care less. The receptionist is rude, and uncaring and even giving legal advice! She gave me 4 wrong phone numbers to agencies to contact about this, and when I call back to tell her these numbers are incorrect, she says, " well those are the numbers on my page." Inept, uncaring, and rude! We all know that if I as a man were to have done this, I would be in Jail facing many charges. Kidnapping, fraud, and violating a court order...all of which seems to mean nothing to theses people. This place has good intentions, but in their practical use they stink! When I did get the corrected numbers to file a complaint ( found myself) I was treated basically the same. These people are burned out, and there lack of caring only proves that fact. What a joke this place is, and I still can't believe they don't care any more than they do!  (Sep 14, 2012 | post #20)