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Nov 24, 2010

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Syracuse, OH

Sheriffs deputies at the trailer park..again

Whose place are they going to ?  (Feb 14, 2017 | post #2)

Syracuse, OH

southern fires football coach

My kid was on the 2013 team and they graduated a lot. They were no way near the team in 2014. They were a young team with some age mixed in. Wickline is very knowledgeable but his assistants were complete idiots but crap rolls up hill and he wouldn't make any changes. Coach Chancey is the same, very knowledgeable along with a great staff. He has to learn though this isn't Meigs and we don't have 50-60 kids in the sidelines. You have to have your best 11 on the field at all times. There was better talent on the sidelines at all times last year. To many clean jerseys on special teams that gave up to much field position. I do think the Tornadoes are a lot better off now and only hope for the best for all our Tornadoes.  (Feb 12, 2017 | post #94)