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Dec 28, 2013

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Where Are There Edible Arrangements For Sale?

If you have seen such a treat and like the idea of tasting, rather than looking at or smelling a beautiful bouquet, you may wonder where are there edible arrangements for sale. There are many sources where such items can be purchased. It may depend upon what kinds of items you prefer as a gift, or for yourself. More groceries these days are offering specialty items. If you are in search of such a product, you may want to check out the nearest full service grocery, to see samples of items and get an idea of what your options are. Some providers use a variety of fruits, while others may include chocolates in attractive shapes. Groceries may be a great place to start. Some may be limited in offerings or may change what they produce, depending on the season or occasion. There are online stores like Edible Arrangements, which use affiliates from around the world to ship products to loved ones as gifts. They work in the same manner as FTD florists. There is always a risk of less than desirable quality, as with any service using affiliates. However, you can always do some investigating to see if the affiliate is reputable. The other option is to find a shop close to the person you wish to receive the gift, such as a bakery, specialty foods store or grocery and ask about their offerings. See if they have a website where they can provide pictures of the finished products they offer. You should always take care to avoid sending those food items that a person may be allergic to or dislikes. Aside from specialty stores or global affiliates, there are local caterers who are good at arranging fruits and party trays with all kinds of goodies in a very attractive manner. They may be able to provide you with some products if they are close by and you can deliver the bouquet yourself. One final alternative is to make the arrangement yourself. Aside from learning how to make fruit attractive by cutting into decorative shapes, you can melt dark chocolate pieces and dip small fruits, while also adding a variety of colorful sprinkles or pieces. This option is for those who are a bit more crafty, though the extra effort may well be worth it. It will also work only if the recipient lives nearby. When searching for such products, the best place to start is with any business that involves food, decorating and party offerings. If they don't have such products themselves, they will likely be able to steer you in the right direction. for more information visit here:  (Dec 28, 2013 | post #1)

Fayetteville, NC

Edible Arrangements apologizes for Valentine's Day mess

Loved this you did a really great job. Just one ?, with the cantaloupe shapes how did u get the layout to use the cookie cutters since the cantaloupe is round and u do have to de-ball it with taking the seeds out how did you get enough space to use the cookie cutters?  (Dec 28, 2013 | post #2)