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Apr 11, 2009

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Evening Sun

Hanover bike patrol keeps silent watch on borough

Having the officers on bike patrol is a great way to promote the idea that officers are here to "protect and serve." Saying that though I wish they patrolled during the day but with our type of community it really is better to have them on "stealth patrol" at night. Thanks for all you do!  (Jun 21, 2009 | post #3)

Liverpool, NY

Should the teen driving age be lowered?

Absolutly not! Eighteen, and only if you give two years in service to the military. After that then 21!  (Jun 14, 2009 | post #81)

Chambersburg, PA

RT11 & RT443; When is a traffic signal going to be instal...

I often need to use this intersection and find it to be very dangerous. When is someone going to arrange to install a traffic signal? Trying to pull out from RT443 to RT11 north is really hard in a car, every time a truck is in front of me the driver has to cut off traffic on RT 11 because everyone seems to speed up. It just seems to me that we should be pro-active and eliminate a problem before someone gets killed or maimed. We should make it safe for truck drivers to make these turns or take a way the restriction on RT997 and allow them to cross RT11 from there across from Sheetz.  (Jun 14, 2009 | post #1)

Hanover, PA

?? erysipelas

Oh man, that looks painful. Hope your getting some relief bro'? Go see a doctor.  (Apr 11, 2009 | post #1)

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