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Jan 3, 2013

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Upper Eastside Hotel, Woodstock, Cape Town

Upper Eastside Hotel, Woodstock, Cape Town – 3&4/1/2013 Location is often a key factor when choosing an hotel to stay at and good central locations, especially in a metropolis like Cape Town, have premium-loaded rates. Woodstock, in the process of being redeveloped as a kind of London, Docklands project, with old factory-style builds being metamorphosed into trendy apartments, studio flats and bachelor pads, greatly improved transport networks and an overall regeneration of the surroundings, is fast becoming a sought-after area by visitors both local and international. Upper Eastside Hotel has embraced the concept of a renewed Woodstock and for several years now has attracted international tourists to its trendy establishment. The Hotel, recognised by its visitors as being conveniently located, specifically with regard to its proximity to Cape Town City Centre, answers the question of location without overloading room rates. With a deserved 4-star grading, the hotel not only offers a plethora of amenities to patrons including an inside heated pool, it also goes further than many city hotels by offering free secure parking facilities and limited free internet access. The lobby area is resplendent with glass and crystal in abundance somehow complimenting the avant-garde 1960’s/1970’s retro furnishings. The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff throughout the hotel is laudable and genuine, with requests dealt with efficiently and with a smile. My room was without question huge, a comfortable kingsize bed, plenty of wardrobe space and a fourth floor view of the sea. A flat screen television with a selection of cable stations, conveniently mounted on the wall opposite the bed made for a relaxing viewing position. My only gripe being just the one news channel, CNN. Being a news addict, a couple more channels, such as Sky News or Al-Jazeera would have been my preference. The bathroom amenities were excellent, a spacious, full, modern bathroom with the added luxury of Maria Garcia toiletries, completed the luxuriousness of the accommodation. Attention to detail and cleanliness were apparent both in the room and throughout the hotel. Breakfast, served until after 10:00am, was a buffet-style offering with everything one could need and want to sate oneself. Once again the efficiency, politeness and obvious caring of the staff was appreciated. Though busy, guests were seated without waiting and a general feel of good management was was pervasive. Upper Eastside Hotel is definitely an upholder of the types of establishments that Cape Town has built its good reputation upon. When planning a trip to Cape Town, Upper Eastside Hotel should definitely be one of your first choices for accommodation.  (Jan 4, 2013 | post #1)

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An International first for South Africa

An international first for South Africa With the advancing trends in communication technology, allied to the ever-expanding social media platforms now commonplace in today’s society, two South African residents, both originally from the UK, have started a business that is set to take the world by storm. Linking the immediacy and popularity of Twitter and Facebook with a user-friendly website interface, TweetCritique serves as a portal for both businesses and consumers to interact directly with one another, in real time. This linking of social media and technology has rarely been exploited to its full potential, especially here in South Africa. Using three Twitter handles, @IntertwEAT, @autotweetSA and @TourtweetSA, critics and reviewers test drive new cars, critique restaurants, hotels and holiday resorts. Tweeting directly from location, be it restaurant, hotel or vehicle, the reviewer can immediately inform the relevant followers of his or her experience in real time. Business owners are of course also able to follow the tweets and directly interact with their existing customers, potential customers and the reviewer. In addition to tweeting, a full review is posted on the website along with pictures of the cars, venues and food. New car reviews include an informative video of the driving experience, taken with a dashboard camera, and posted on YouTube. Costly advertising rarely reaches the target market required by restaurants, hotels and car manufacturers. TweetCritique enables businesses to directly communicate with people who are specifically in the market for their products. TweetCritique offers a unique service at a fraction of the cost of broad spectrum advertising and promotes direct communication and interaction between businesses and both existing and potential customers with satisfaction for both parties being the ultimate goal. With expected growth throughout South Africa and internationally, the creation of employment opportunities for writers will become increasingly available. Once again TweetCritique is taking a giant leap forward in positively exploiting existing technology and building on the concept of citizen journalism, taking it into the future and making it into a viable income opportunity. Affording access to businesses of their Twitter follower database at a minimal financial cost, TweetCritique’s unique business model enables companies to specifically pinpoint and interact with their specific target market. Opportunities for exclusive advertising on the TweetCritique website, currently visited more than 30,000 times a month, is another income stream open to this innovative company. “TweetCritique offers a unique multilateral approach service to both businesses and consumers whose specific interest is in each other, whilst complimenting existing marketing options, TweetCritique is an amazing new tool that exclusively hones in on a receptive, captive market”, says Lionel Lelyveld, Co-Director of TweetCritique (Pty) Ltd. “We have researched the marketplace extensively and through our research very quickly became aware of the need for a more direct interaction between customer and service provider and vice versa. TweetCritique’s versatility in being able to embrace all social media platforms effectively future proofs its viability”, adds Gregory Seller, Co-Director of TweetCritique(Pty) Ltd. Once again, South Africa is leading the way internationally with a product that is unique, innovative and affordable, creating an indispensable service to businesses throughout the world.  (Jan 3, 2013 | post #1)