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May 19, 2013

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Abderahmen Torkhani Tunisian Rat

I would like to warn all fellow members about a Tunisian Love Rat called Abderahmen Torkhani. There are currently 3 threads about him on Tunisianloverats. He has scammed many women out of thousands of pounds, and married a British woman for a visa. He turned out to be very abusive and his wife had death threats from him. He escaped illegally to Paris last year, as soon as he got there he took off his wedding ring, asked his wife for a divorce and said he wanted to marry someone ''illegally'' so he could get his visa and then remarry his wife!!! This is where the death threats started. He told his wife many times he hopes she dies etc too, and called her the most terrible names. It would seem she is surplus to requirements now he's in Europe illegally. His family knew exactly what he was up to and yet turned a blind eye. He was spending weeks with other women whilst his wife was planning their wedding, he was with another woman only a week before they married. If anyone has any information or contact ith him what so ever, please can you post on here. He is a dangerous man, and is one of the most hated ''rats'' in Tunisia  (May 19, 2013 | post #1)