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Aug 21, 2012

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I understand the complaining and all, but it is over. America no matter how divided on the political party you support has made there choice. Romney lost thank God and I say that not because of picking a party or choosing sides, but because he was not the right person to lead America. A candidate should stand behind and back the words that come out of there mouth and not bend nor attempt to re-word what he has said to gain a vote. if your son, daughter, wife, or mother told you several stories about a "car", today it is green, tomorrow its blue, the next day it's red, and when you finally see the car it's yellow. (With the exception of those that support family even when it's not beneficial to ANYONE) No person would vote them in as a reliable and credible person. The republicans know now that Romney was not the right choice, and never will be. So ok they "done" this or that, but come on Democrats (me too) why even care about what they tried to do Obama is where we wanted him and any little thing they tried affected nothing but the Republicans. Why would I say that? They are still on the outside of the White House looking in.  (Nov 27, 2012 | post #205)