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Dec 15, 2013

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Islamic group's plan to cut off crosses draws ire

In a discussion, one can guess where the truth is; Once a party start using insults/abusive words, the weaker his arguments are the ugliest it gets instead of searching for more proofs or declaring defeat.  (Apr 12, 2014 | post #36)


Question for Muslims

All prophets before Jesus, reported to the One God who sent Jesus also! Please be specific; how many Gods/Lords do you have? Now you state they are two! I thought they were three according to the trinity!  (Mar 16, 2014 | post #154)


The moral decay of Islam

Before you accuse Islam of being Immoral and completely inhuman, see what the inquisition did, they tortured to death (not killed!) 7 million (lowest estimate) After crusaders took Jerusalem, they slaughtered in one day 70,000 mostly women and children, no question asked. Check for yourself, Please Don¬ít fall prey for the deceiving media and instead of judging issues by what you hear, take it from the source, http://www.mideast pdf The Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus isn't God. https://www.youtub 6d-MgFM and Jewish Rabbi admits Islam is the oldest religion .com/watch?v=BjQvr LT7zEs and the absolute truth about muhammad in the bible - full movie .com/watch?v=gkZmc edH-sE and BBC documentary .com/watch?v=rSIsB 5TRfUY  (Mar 16, 2014 | post #3)


Question for Muslims

For Muslims; the Quran is the word of God and the final authority, but the "Hadeeth " (Prophet sayings) is the word of man which could never stand up against the Quranic verses, and you are referring your argument not on Quranic verses, or even some "Hadeeth ", but on some narrations of a family member of the prophet! In the Quran God warns us specifically from false "Hadeeth " saying: "These are the revelations of Allah, which We are reciting to you in all truth. Then, in what "Hadeeth " (narrations) will they believe if not that of Allah and His revelations? Woe to each lying sinner before whom the revelations of Allah are recited: he hears them, yet he arrogantly persists as though he never heard them; announce to him a painful punishment. And when something of Our revelations come to his knowledge, he takes them as a joke; for all such people there will be a humiliating punishment" [45/6-9] Which abrogating verses are you talking about? can you compare the One unique version of the Quran which is preserved in the original language, intact to the letter until today and being recited by Muslims worldwide exactly as Prophet Mohammad did from start to end 1400 ago; To the broken tablets of the ten commandments or to the Bible which had suffered numerous alterations, resulted in ninety some complete versions other than the many partial and incomplete versions in the English version alone? The Quran serve as a permanent book of reference confirming the previous books sent by God and serves as "quality control" over them, the Quran says: "O Muhammad, We have revealed this Book with the truth. It confirms whatever has remained intact in the scriptures which came before it and also to safeguard it." [5/48] To answer "Jesus is loving and kind! Only Jesus is fit to open the Book of Life": Most think or hope that Jesus died for their sins, and they are home free! This is not true, we All will be called to account including Jesus and Mohammad, sorry.  (Mar 15, 2014 | post #151)