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Apr 24, 2008

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Settling cruise bill has been rough sailing

I'm happy that I do not check this post very often, because the venom and hate that is permeating this blog is sickening! Its hard to imagine the mindset that would even write such statements about the Torre's, much less paranoiac speculations about who I am! I therefore would like to again extend another open invitation to meet additional individuals who are truthfully interested in the facts! The facts as I know them to be are: that the Torre's owe money to vendors and clients due to the core collapse of their real estate business (not unlike 50% percent of the my fellow colleges in the real-estate business), and that is where it starts and ends. To add defamation and lies about these Faithful people is neither Christian-like nor helpful in their goal of paying off their debts and re-building their lives. It seems in fact as if the negative posts here are designed to literally destroy their lives for self serving reasons. Please know that I fully understand the anger that comes with money being owed, as I too am patiently awaiting debt repayment from companies and investments I have made over the past years. But anyone with a clear eye can read that childish anger is what is motivating these most negative posts. So, for the record, I will again state that the Torre's in my over ten years of personal friendship have always proven to be truthful and loving people. Never have I or colleges of mine who have known them even longer, ever experienced the horrid fabrications people have posted above. Debts are a fact of life people! Being responsible and committed to repaying those debts are also a necessary part of life. But actively working to destroy a family through such destructive actions is blatantly evil! In closing, I would like to extend my thanks to those who have so far contacted me and aloud me to share my personal knowledge and understandings of the issues the Torre's are going through. Truth is a wonderful thing when allowed to see the light of day. In the blogs I continue to read here, all I see is darkness and destruction.  (May 19, 2008 | post #40)

Kissimmee, FL

Settling cruise bill has been rough sailing

After church yesterday I spoke the Torre's about your posts because I wanted to speak directly with them and see where all this was coming from. I already knew of their many debts, as many of my friends in the real estate business have had similar problems. In fact I have lost a sizable amount personally over the past year. What surprised me was the information that lead me to you Mr. GFL, or should I call you Larry! After checking on public records about you I found your Hospitality business had a handful of judgments and business ethics violations against you. Now I do not know the specifics about your personal violations and judgments, but I assume they are as valid as the Torre's since they are public record, and I suggest anyone reading this blog search Larry Stuart/Hospitality and see for yourself. To anyone reading all this silliness, please know that I never intended to respond any further from my first writing but following these discoveries I felt compelled to do so, if only to show the source these defamatory comments are coming from. Again, I do not know you personally Mr. Stuart, but I do know the Torre as a wonderful, hard working and truthful family. If anyone wishes to contact me personally for a recommendation of the Torre family please feel free to send me your email address. Scripture says to forgive our enemies or those who we perceive to have hurt us, lets move beyond all this silliness and follow Christ teachings!  (May 12, 2008 | post #19)

Kissimmee, FL

Settling cruise bill has been rough sailing

This posting is a total joke! I've personally known Pat and his wonderful wife for over ten years!!! This is clearly one (Very Sad) individuals attempt to lie about and defame two absolutely truthful and faithful Christians! Also, after reading these posts, its seems strangely as if they were all written by the same person. Pat, if you happen to run across this disgusting blog, you know who I am, and I not only encourage you to copy these posts in order to file, I am here to help you if necessary! A case against this terrible example of a former friend/human being can easily be won!!! God Bless you Pat  (Apr 24, 2008 | post #13)