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Jul 2, 2011

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Carlton, MN

Online protest stops Donald Blom story that was never mea...

Minnesotans need to be aware and vigilant about these criminal cases, for to deter future killers from striking their intended victims. Information about Donald Blom and the Blom case ought to be available on the Internet, so that concerned citizens can do research and can prepare themselves for the time when they chance to meet the killers and rapists who prowl in their midst. The next witness of a kidnapper may be you or I, so we need to confront and question the attacker, or at least gather the pertinent facts before he drives away.  (Jul 9, 2011 | post #47)

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Forest Lake, MN

I Belong To:

No earthly organization

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I'm reading poetry and proverbs, memorizing scripture, and learning languages

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The Holy Spirit

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A starry sky on a windy night

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How to please God; the dream I had last night

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Being quiet unless I have something beneficial to say. Meditating, praying, and keeping my conscience clear.