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Jan 19, 2011

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Seventh-day Adventist

Christ ended the Law Rom 10;4

I reach down to them, with both hands I bend down to embrace them, yet they want no part with Me as I truly am. Behold, I have offered them bread, yea manna from Heaven has been sent down for them, and how do they repay Me?... They stomp upon My bread and refuse all manna provided them! Yea, they loathe My correction and break My Commandments!... Doing so in the name of The Holy One! Yes, in MY OWN NAME they do all these things! By permission they claim they are free to do all these things!... By permission, under grace, they excuse themselves, that they might do all this evil in My name!... LAWLESS PEOPLE! PERVERSE AND DEGENERATE GENERATION! YOUR “FAITH” IS A LOATHSOME SORE UPON THE SKIN, A CANKER UPON THE LIP OF ALL WHO SING ME PRAISES IN YOUR COURTS! I never knew you! Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness! Declares The Lord. Shall you provoke Me to anger?! Shall you forsake The Moral Law, in the name of Grace and Him crucified, that you might provoke Me to anger?!... YOU KNOW NOTHING OF GRACE! THE TRUE NATURE OF THE HOLY ONE IS HIDDEN FROM YOUR EYES! Your knowledge is useless! Your learned leaders desecrate My name and pollute My people everyday! And when they heard of My anger they did not repent, neither were they ashamed, nor did they know how to blush! And when I commanded this trumpet be blown, did they perk up their ears to listen? Did they come close, to know the heart of the matter?... NO! Instead they mocked and refused to give heed, turning their backs on The Holy One of Israel! Therefore, thus declares The Lord, To this most foolish and perverse generation: You shall not escape! Nor shall you leave this threshing floor!... Death shall be your only relief! And martyrdom, your only escape! Thus says The Lord, to all these blind and deaf children, to all these desolate people: How is it you refuse My voice and question My ways, without ceasing, and have yet to consider your own?... Test your hearts! Look upon your motives! Shall you question My ways, though you yet stand in the court of your own deceitful hearts?! For I tell you, the lies thereof have led you astray and the tablets thereof lack justice. My cause is not pleaded before the people, and the jury of your peers upholds every evil platform. Therefore their cause shall crush them, and their controversy shall consume them! Says The Lord. For the cause of The Lord is forgotten, and the controversy of The Lord is held in secret!... MY EVERY DECREE, FORSAKEN! Yet the cause of The Lord shall be fulfilled in His messengers, and the controversy of The Lord shall be trumpeted from the rooftops!... And the sin of this wicked generation shall be exposed, for they have altogether hated Me! For every man is led by the deceits of his flesh, lo he is married to the selfish desires of his own heart, and all the while The Written Law of God is cast off! It is regarded as foreign, antiquated and obsolete, in the eyes of this so-called modern generation of enlightened peoples... YOU ARE PERVERSE IN MY SIGHT! A WHOLE GENERATION OF ARROGANT AND HIGH-MINDED PEOPLE! Says The Lord. And what of you, O churches of men? What has happened to you?!... Why have you also forsaken Me?!... How is it you have altogether become like the heathen, With the vanity of the world gleaming in your eye, With the lusts thereof filling your heart and mind? I DO NOT KNOW YOU! Your self-created god is foreign to Me!... A great and horrible desecration of My name! Look at all these material things you have acquired, look upon all these idols you serve. You are surrounded on every side, you are boxed in with no escape. Therefore am I come down to destroy all these things! Therefore am I come to wipe them from the face of the whole Earth! ~ THE LORD GOD [Excerpt from http://trumpetcall dex.php5?title=THE _CUP_OF_THE_WRATH_ OF_MY_FURY_IS_COME _TO_THE_FULL]  (Nov 12, 2012 | post #1443)

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Why I’m no longer a Christian

My people, let it be known to you: I take no pleasure at all in what I must do, in what must be done... NO PLEASURE AT ALL! Says The Lord... As My hand draws back, blood pours down. As I strike the earth in My anger, My tears run down. As famine spreads forth across the land, My heart is rent inside Me over the hardness of men’s hearts! As My face fills with the heat of My fury, My eyes are set ablaze with fire, over that which I see!... My tears run down, My blood pours down. As My own servants turn from Me and run... As My own beloved, whom I have called sons and daughters, Turn and fight against Me... As My own body betrays Me... My blood pours down, My tears run down. As the nations come together, and bind My hands and My feet, My tears run down. As they bruise Me and spit in My eyes, while mocking Me, My tears run down. As they pierce My side, My blood and tears run down together! As My own people drive in the nails still, I am risen up from My place with My arms spread apart, waiting to receive them... My blood runs down, the tears run down. OH MY PEOPLE!... WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?! Hard generation! Sleeping children! Even My own fall asleep, unable to watch with Me for one hour... Their hearts hardened, unwilling to weep with Me in this last hour... Do you not understand My sorrows, little flock?... They refuse to be healed! Therefore I must destroy them! My blood runs down, and they refuse it! My tears fall like rain upon the nations, yet they will not lift their head, nor do they hold out their tongue to drink it!... Where have all My children gone?! They choose death!... They choose death!... And at the last day, they shall surely receive it!... They shall taste of it to the fullest! Therefore do My tears run down! Therefore do the rivers run like death through the waste places! Beloved, they heap up death, only to throw themselves upon the heap! Lo, they have made their covenant with death, and with the grave they are in agreement! They burn candles and make sacrifices to other gods! Yea, they bow down to them!... Behold, they shall be slaughtered and burned together! The whole field is diseased! Every leaf is blighted and withers, every stalk is rotten even to the roots!... It must be purged and burned with fire! Therefore do My tears run down, therefore does My sorrow continue on, forever. The wound is incurable!... Therefore My love will weep and My heart will wail, forever. Have you not read My words, little flock?! Are your ears yet dull in hearing?!... Yet My words shall not return void... For the beasts of the earth languish, and the creatures of flight fail to soar, for they know what is coming. Lo, I have nourished and brought forth young children to weep in your places, for you were unwilling. And still the mighty stand proud, and the feeble follow close behind in their example, refusing to bow down... Covering themselves in pretense, while wearing many disguises... Until the face they behold in the mirror has become unrecognizable to them... THEY DO NOT KNOW ME! My blood runs down, yet I do not know them! My tears run down, yet My own people remain unclean, hiding always in their deceitful houses! From the least to the greatest, I tell you, they have surely hated Me! Therefore, I am come down, to take My spoil, to purge and to slaughter!... Blood and fire!... Rivers of blood and pillars of smoke! This world is condemned, and The Father has declared its end!... I AM COME DOWN!... Says The Lord. ~ The Lord, Our God and Savior [Excerpt from A Testament Against The World... The Lord's Rebuke "Blood Pours Down"] - TrumpetCallofGodOn line  (Nov 12, 2012 | post #419760)


An Open Letter to all Believers – Skeptics need answers!

The time has passed, beloved ones... My bride is chosen and the first election is made; the bundles are prepared and set in their places. Therefore I tell you, when you look for Me in the Day, look no more to yourselves, nor in man-made churches. Behold, they shall all be torn down, for in them I have not dwelled... I dwell in the hearts of men! And when darkness has fallen and your tears well up, a bitter rain brought forth from a heart severely broken, from a spirit crushed by the weight of realization, run and seek out My beacons, My witnesses. For they shall lead you through the fire and I shall abide with you, accompanying you on your journey... A journey of service and great hardship, of many tears and great sorrows, suffering on every side... A journey of love and hope in the midst of great adversity, the end of which shall bring a great multitude into My love, with every servant washing the feet of his neighbor until death comes and sets you free... Caught up into My love, healed in an instant, refashioned in glory, remade in My image... Partaking of My life, fully. For as many as I love I rebuke and chasten, Bringing forth much thanksgiving, Offered up to the praise of My glory... As it is written, so shall it be done. Therefore trust in My ways, for I am The King alone... Apart from Me, there is nothing at all. ~ YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior [TrumpetCallofGodO - Volume 7 "Captive Children (A Lamentation)" ]  (Nov 12, 2012 | post #2198)

Portsmouth, OH

you deranged and most wicked generation! ~ god

Thus says The Lord: The walls of Jerusalem are fallen! The high walls crumble and are broken down! The people are given into the hands of their enemies, those who murder without cause! Blood fills the streets as the women wail over the dead, pouring out drink offerings upon the ground! My people are taken captive, and those who walk free are surrounded on every side, with no place to flee! By two and by three, the enemies enter in through the cracks! In droves they gather outside the city, that they might break down the gates!... Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, why have you forsaken Me?! Even to this day, O Israel, you have not ceased from walking in the ways of your forefathers, stoning My prophets in word and by deed, seeking always to kill or imprison those sent to you. Have I not gathered you with a mighty hand from among the nations, restoring you to your own land, even granting you great increase? Yet you do not embrace Me, for you yet push out the hand against My Holy One, you refuse to drink from His cup... How long shall you seek to murder your King?! How long will you deny The Way, I have set before you?! How long shall you blaspheme The Truth, which I sent into the world to testify?!... You have forsaken Life! You refuse the blood I poured out for you! O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how long will you let His blood drip from your fingers?!... WASH YOURSELVES! MAKE YOURSELVES CLEAN!... For I tell you the truth, the stain of your guilt remains, As you pass it from one generation to the next. Thus YOU fulfill the curse by which Your forefathers had cursed themselves... YOU freed the murderer and condemned The Innocent!... YOU murdered The Author of Life and hung your Salvation upon a tree, Piercing His hands and His feet! Behold, even those who dwell among you, who are called Christian, do pollute My name and crucify Me again and again in their hearts, by all they say and do; a very perverse people, a corrupt religion which looks nothing like Me; churches of men who worship themselves and their own ideals, as they proclaim a christ, an idol, which they have formed in their own image, continually reshaping it to meet their own expectations, that they might uphold their own traditions, which I hate!... Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, why have you forsaken Me?! Your enemies dwell at the gates and have entered the city. Behold, they dwell upon the mount desecrating the land, bowing down five times per day to their god, a false image, a very grave error for he is no god; a religion built upon the works of the evil one, acolytes who walk in his footsteps, bearing fruit according to his likeness; multitudes of deceived peoples, a whole nation of evil workers practicing that which satan delights in... O sons of perdition, you have no place in My Holy Mountain, for you shall be utterly destroyed when it falls hard upon you! You shall be wiped from off the land, your every temple torn down and burned with fire! I shall bring upon you a great slaughter! From city to city death shall pursue you, and fire shall lick at your heels as you attempt to flee! Says The Lord God of Israel. [Excerpt from http://trumpetcall dex.php5?title=A_H eavy_Stone%2C_a_Bi tter_Burden]  (Oct 19, 2012 | post #47)

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