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Jun 29, 2013

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Cowpens, SC

A demon pedophile among you.

Greetings Residents of Cowpens, SC. My brother and I have a troubled tale to tell you all about a very troubled child sex offender that lives in your mist. This man used to be a Baptist Minister locally there at one of the Calvary Baptist Churches in Cowpens. It has taken my brother and I almost 30 years to find the inner strength to seek justice against this monster that greatly affected our lives. I now understand that he was using the Church to get at younger boys, and girls, during his ministry. I would assume there are several victims still living there that may also in denial. We want to help them also in any way we can. Recently I read and watched the case against Pedophile Jerry Sandusky at Penn State. This convinced me that nobody is immune to justice so I am now committed to see the man who molested us be exposed in your community. My ultimate wish is to have him face charges from a civil lawsuit for crimes against me and my younger brother and any other victim that may come forward. Please stay tuned as we share our story and detail the actions of this sick and twisted individual. Once you understand we are sincere we hope you will explore this and help us in our cause to bring him to Justice. Thank you all for your time and Happy July 4th.  (Jul 2, 2013 | post #1)