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Dec 6, 2007

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OPEC likely to OK 2 million-barrel oil cut

Why becuase Americans arent paying enough for oil? Another reason the whole world depends on the little USA to support them one way or another!!!!  (Dec 18, 2008 | post #1)

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Out of curiousity, are there any NON-racists on Topix?

Its the great double standard of PC America the most racist people i know are all of color just not honest enough to be truthfull about it just use it as a crutch!!!!!  (Dec 10, 2008 | post #1245)

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KKK .. and the people who love them..

Its merely the typical double standards of the new "PC" age of America!!!  (Dec 10, 2008 | post #240)

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KKK .. and the people who love them..

Wow thats the most absurd an analogy i have ever read freemasons huh, wow  (Dec 10, 2008 | post #238)


Democrats tell White House to preserve its records; parti...

This is great they wasted the last 2 years on vacations now they can waste the next 2 on witch hunts and yet the taxpayers still get screwed!!!!  (Nov 13, 2008 | post #53)


Iran Threatens Israel With Preemptive Strike

Whats new about this im in a jihad throws out his empty threats 3 times a week for the last 2 years and still nothing happens he's on his way out anyway the clerics have had enough  (Nov 13, 2008 | post #5)


CIA's Hayden says al-Qaida still greatest threat

This is not a concern of our new goverment of change now, its time to cut and run and worry about things when they happen, furthermore isnt this supposed to be fabrications and scare tacticks by the Bush administration no need to worry about al queda just conspiracy theory  (Nov 13, 2008 | post #1)

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Premarital sex

Life is full of trials and errors wait till your 18 to make any decisions its probabally best to be legal for all parties involved, regardless of what the church recommends you have to live and learn on your own (i am roman catholic know all about it)and dont ever let anyone pressure you into anything!!!!  (Nov 6, 2008 | post #147)


Madonna v. Palin: Bitch Fight

Put down the koolaid you f**kin moron your are the epitamy of liberalism when hollywood tells you its true you jump on it a modern fool of sorts however i dont blame you for your enviorment many have no other options now take your meds and settle down!!!!  (Nov 4, 2008 | post #80)

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Supreme Court Sides With Ohio In Voting Case

That was a joke correct  (Nov 4, 2008 | post #223)

Los Angeles, CA

Authorities investigate Sarah Palin effigy in West Hollywood

no not at all it doesnt apply to obama 2 men were arrested today for doing it, but its ok to effigise Palin and McCain!!!!!!!!!!  (Oct 31, 2008 | post #78)

US Politics

This Is What You Are Asking For?

If you were paying attention you would notice that they go where she goes and if thats all you can criticize her on fine, secondly Americas first form of defence is our missle system which happens to be in Alaska, Palin has a higher security clearence then both canditates put together she is in charge of the only national gaurd unit that is on permanent standby so rather than mock her maybe you should thank her for voluntering for the job of guarding your right to belittle her and her view of russia from her porch!!!  (Oct 31, 2008 | post #38)


Madonna v. Palin: Bitch Fight

Well first off the wonderful madonna denounced her U.S. citizenship and became a citizen of the U.K. so her opionions of U.S. politics doesnt even matter she is where she is today by playing the sympothy card broken home abusive father mother left her BS made some money developed hollywood arrogance and decided the USA was no place to raise her children they were better of in the UK however she made millions of the sypathy struck fans of the US and then sh*t on them, common sence should tell you that!!!!  (Oct 31, 2008 | post #61)


Madonna v. Palin: Bitch Fight

Hey if you were on the right track you would buy the tickets and willingly give the tickets to a obama hussein supporter to do your part in the redistrubution of wealth plan of change  (Oct 31, 2008 | post #60)

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