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Springfield, OR

Prank Leaves 75 Gnomes Without Homes

I love this review from Amazon's Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator ( .com/Datastroyer-M odel-1000-Disinteg rator/dp/B004VTON7 2/ref=pd_sim_sbs_b _28) A Wonderful Community Amenity December 31, 2011 By Karen A. Griffin You just never think it could happen to you, then one day we realized the entire backyard was infested with gnomes. We tried everything to get rid of them: Gnome-Be-Gnot pellets, Gnighty Gnight Gnome spray and Gnome Gneutralise traps. Nothing worked, they kept coming back. The stress was too much and at a community baking sale I just cracked and blurted out to the neighbors about our gnome problem. Everyone started talking and it soon became clear that the gnomes had been invading almost every backyard. It was a real problem. We were all so relieved to find the Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator. The paltry cost of $127,769.27 was covered by our homeowners association fees and immediately a pavilion was constructed to accommodate our soon to arrive 14,000 pound Model 1000. As a previous reviewer stated, the free shipping was a real bonus. Life has been idyllic since the Datastroyer disintegrator arrived. The high volume central destruction promised by the company is fulfilled in every way. The gnomes are gno more. And when we see the little buggers creeping up again, we just fire up the old Model 1000 and poof another gnome invader is turned to dust. I highly recommend this product. It solved our problem and I am sure it will solve yours.  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #571)


Female cat peeing everywhere but in litter

Sharon wanted to breed her pedigreed Ragdoll, a popular and lovable breed. Breeders who keep intact cats sometimes have to deal with urine/scent marking behaviors, even with a perfectly healthy cat. While I agree that random bred pets should always be fixed and kitten and puppy mill owners prosecuted, conscientious breeders should certainly be allowed to breed their animals for the written Breed Standard. Preserving genetically sound bloodlines and enhancing them is something a good breeder strives for. Between vet care, quality diet, pedigree registration, show fees and more, many breeders put more money in than they ever make. They are doing this for love of the breed. There are rescue organizations for most breeds, as people are passionate about getting these animals into quality homes. Animals that do not conform to the Breed Standard (and even some that do) are usually fixed unless there is another trait that needs to be preserved genetically, such as head or body shape, hardiness, etc. I hope, that as time goes by, breeds that have inherent health problems resulting from their Breed Standard (such as the flat-faced Persians and French Bulldogs) will be modified to improve the breed's well being. People who raise and support their breed are ambassadors for all pets as they raise interest and awareness of just how special companion animals can be. People who adopt from shelters or rescue organizations are often drawn to animals who resemble their pedigreed counterparts. Even Hemingway's polydactyl cats (who are various breeds) are in a controlled breeding and care program. The problem with an overabundance of unwanted pets would stop overnight if every pet owner was as conscientious as a good breeder.  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #528)

Vida, OR

Beat the Odds – Choose the Right PFD and Wear It

Living on a river is wonderful ... until you hear sirens and see helicopters. Then you know that someone is probably in mortal danger and may not survive their day of recreation. Beware the power of cold, deep and fast water. Know that even professional river guides are wary of the hazards that can be encountered on a trip downriver. Respect the river and pass your knowledge on.  (Jun 18, 2012 | post #1)

Vida, OR

Lane County Search & Rescue Life Jacket Exchange

Please, please, please spread the word about this opportunity to get free life jackets to anyone and everyone in the area. There are also life jackets loaned out for free any day of the week here on the McKenzie River at locations from Cedar Flat to Rainbow thanks to the McKenzie Fire & Rescue. See all the lending locations here: http://www.mckenzi ket-lending-progra m.html  (Jun 18, 2012 | post #1)


Do You Protect Your Pet The Way They Protect You?

Though it's not yet available in my area I intend to use it when it is. Pets do give us so much and emergency responders understand how they are a part of people's families. Many will even use resuscitation techniques on family pets in the event of a fire. So glad Smart911 allows information on pets to be entered along with our own. I like that it's a free service paid for by existing 911 fees.  (May 16, 2012 | post #2)


Help- my cat is getting so skinny . HE IS ALL BONES AND H...

Jess and Betty, see my last post above yours to see suggested foods that can help your cat gain, or at least maintain, weight. Jess, give the pills some time to work in shutting down the over active thyroid. Betty, see the link in my post above. Although you can feed your cat calorie dense foods if there is an underlying disease that is causing the weight loss it will need to be treated. Wishing you the best of luck with your cats and know that they understand how very much you love and want to help them. I have gone through this with kitties and more recently with my dog and being there for them and with them is the most important thing.  (May 15, 2012 | post #275)

Vida, OR

Goodpasture Bridge Open House

So true. As a microcosm it seems to lean towards the more vocally argumentative and sometimes deranged, but maybe it's because many people just opt out of the discussions once they head down that path. I think you'd really like G+. You can just search for any interest with a hashtag (like #science, #cats, #Akron), and you can make your posts as public or private as you like. You can also edit them after the fact. And for those pesky spammers, etc., that try to use an active discussion for their own nefarious purposes, there's the 'block' function.  (May 15, 2012 | post #5)

Vida, OR

McKenzie River Melee This Saturday

While researching this event I came upon an article from 1969 in the Sports Illustrated vault. "The wicked little McKenzie River in western Oregon does not just kick up white water. It rushes in a series of boat-shattering, man-dunking drops from Cooks Rapids to Brown's Rock, from Bear Creek to notorious Martin Rapids, through Gate Creek Rapids and under the Goodpasture Covered Bridge, until the calm waters above Leaburg Dam finally gentle its restless passage." To read more see: http://sportsillus lt/article/magazin e/MAG1082213/index .htm  (May 14, 2012 | post #1)


'Scum' shot my pet cat through eye

It is so sad that some people use others tragedies to attempt to make a point, as in the cat hater/murderer above. Please be aware that people like this exist and your pets are not (and will never be) safe from their cruelties unless you keep them under lock and key at all times. They will not distinguish between an escaped pedigreed show cat or a family pet and mouser once it is within range of them. Thankfully, law enforcement recognizes that people that willfully harm domestic pets may also escalate to harming people. Harsher criminal penalties are also being enacted in many areas against those who harm or kill pets, up to and including felony charges. P.S. Don't be fooled by this poster's judging icons into believing that people agree with his spamming rants. He actually cheats the system to judge himself up and others down multiple times. He will also post under different 'names' to make it appear that he has supporters. He is only posting in the Cat News Forums to get attention and argue and it's pretty pathetic, really.  (May 12, 2012 | post #4)


Help- my cat is getting so skinny . HE IS ALL BONES AND H...

If you've ruled out health issues (weight-loss can be a sign of illness) with your vet here are some things that might help put weight on your kitty. Nutri-Cal or Nutri-Stat, (Nutri-Malt is also good if she has thin patches of fur as it's formulated to help the coat), meat baby food, kitten food (denser in calories - but if your cat is a senior it may be too hard on her digestion), cat treats (look for ones with chicken as the first ingredient) high-calorie wet food, chicken broth (you can add this to some wet cat food), plain full-fat yogurt & lightly-cooked egg yolk. You can put different foods for kitty in shallow seal-able containers and store them in the fridge. Add a bit of water or broth to the wet foods and warm them to make them more palatable. Weight-loss (especially rapid loss) can be a symptom of disease in cats. Here's a link with some of the common ones in older cats: http://cats.about. com/cs/geriatricca ts/a/diseases_seni or.htm Good luck with your Picky and hope she thrives and gets her weight back!  (Apr 18, 2012 | post #272)

Vida, OR

Goodpasture Bridge Open House

Well "Hey!" yourself! I don't hang out here quite as much as I used to, but I still love it. I've gotten into some interesting discussions over at Google Plus, too. Lots of techies and interesting people there!  (Apr 2, 2012 | post #3)


How do you..

Just log out and do not log back in. =)  (Apr 2, 2012 | post #31)

Science / Technology

Intelligent Design: Coming To A State Legislature Near You

That is awesome! I love it, too. <3  (Apr 2, 2012 | post #53596)

Vida, OR

Ike's Closes Its Doors

Glad to see that KMTR picked up this story. We are all hoping this will be a short closure. I've lived here since 1993 and though Ike's has changed hands a few times, it has never shut its doors before.  (Feb 18, 2012 | post #1)

Vida, OR

Goodpasture Bridge Open House

The lighting being installed will consist of an array of LEDs that can be programmed with different colors. In addition to white light there will be the option of alternating red & green windows for the holidays, just as has been done in the past. I did hear someone ask if we could have yellow and green lights on one side and orange and black on the other for those Civil War battles of Ducks vs. Beavers, so who knows how creative our lighting will end up being!  (Jan 28, 2012 | post #1)

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