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Feb 22, 2012

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Chesapeake, OH

Commission goes to court over airpark

If I have the figures correct the County is offering Wilson $280k for 47 acres of land. The comes to nearly $6k per acre. And if memory serves me correctly the Chesapeake Board if Education bought non-commercial property in the same area,from them in the 1980's which amounted to approx 8 acres for something like $250k that comes to $31250 per acre. Considering the appreciation of land values due to market forces and scarcity, it would seem that fair market value for the land in question should be more like $1.5 million. Then again that's just me and I'm not trying to steal my neighbor property for a playground for my aging pilot buddies.  (Feb 25, 2012 | post #5)

Chesapeake, OH

Commission goes to court over airpark

Private property rights are protected in the U.S Constitution click > g As a community of citizens we should support and defend everyone's property rights regardless of whether we like them or not. "Rights" are not discriminators of persons; and your property may be next. If they can take your neighbor’s property the can take yours as well. Only a Commie Zombie with no property would agree to this sort of action. Three issues are identifiable 1 So called "Public Use” Ominous signs at the fly-park offer warnings and penalties to anyone venturing near. What constitutes "Public" ? The public shuns this place like the H1N1 virus. Only one or two pilots use this playground and is therefore “de facto" Private. Of course at taxpayers’ expense. 2 “Just Compensation” This definition is very subjective and is not merely determined by a so-called appraisal by some official’s brother-in-law with a recent “Certificate of Appraisal” from the Collins Career Center. Only a qualified member of the ISA http://www.isa-app could possibly make an appropriate appraisal. So this will likely be in the courts for years to come. 3 “Public Need” Well I guess this one is already clear to all. Al though this playground for two ageing playboys is designated as “Public” the public doesn’t use it or desire its continuation. Truth be told the public would prefer to have seen the Soccer group see expanded usage of the grounds as a possible tournament facility. Click here > T to see what that could mean. A sport campus would accommodate thousands of children in a pastime activity which would encourage health and fitness and the spirit of competition; and discourage many bad behaviors. Now that would be a REAL asset to the community! This is why we have taxpayer’s lawsuits with “locus standi” as a tool to curb runaway spending by special interests influence upon politicians. Read it here > 3 Good luck citizens!  (Feb 22, 2012 | post #3)