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Mar 28, 2008

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Denver Broncos

Robertson traded for 2009 draft pick

Our problems began when Al Wilson was released.That dude could plug a hole and knock players on their ass.  (Apr 26, 2008 | post #1)

AFC West

Jake Plummer makes me really sick ... sometimes

Plummers Problem was his mouth.Espically speaking out about the cover up of Tilman's death.The media wasnt ging to let that fly.Personally I thought the SNAKE was a good QB.But he's gone and left some cool memories.  (Apr 26, 2008 | post #4)

Tigerville, SC

South Carolina Sen. Proposes Sin Tax on Magazines

Why are people afraid of sexuality ?  (Apr 2, 2008 | post #387)

Somerset, KY

a 5 month old baby girl raped....

This is sad but true and it happens all over the world. I only wish that this could of been prevented for everyone's sake,espically the child and the child's family. I hope that the blessings of comfort,peace,and prosperity fall upon this family and household and that this infected S.O.B. receives proper treatment. Wheather it be prison,medical treatment, or the law of the Old Testament.And may the family also receive help with their wounds.  (Mar 31, 2008 | post #11)

Capitola, CA

UFO Photos Draw National Attention

Despite how we feel about this subject, one interesting fact should me mentioned. U.F.O's have only been mentioned twice in the history of mankind in world wide conversation. 1. Europeans and thier interactions and discovery of the America's. 2 During World War 2 by both Allied,Axis,and Neutral sides and at this present moment. If one wanted to think outside of the box, a person could state that these were times in History where many lives were lost and also destruction of the Earth. No matter your stance on this matter it's a interesting time for the whole World in general.  (Mar 31, 2008 | post #312)

Denver Broncos

Arm injury sidelines WR Marshall for months

When it rains it must pour  (Mar 29, 2008 | post #1)

Denver Broncos

Broncos sign C Wiegmann

We gotta repair the line and bring back the honor and mystic of Orange Crush. If not Cutler will be on his back and Tony will seek another team.  (Mar 29, 2008 | post #1)

Denver Broncos

Falcons sign kicker Elam for $9 million

This was a smack in the face to all Bronco Fans. Elam is apart of Bronco history just as Elway,Sharp,Davis,Mecklenberg,and the great duo of Dennis Smith and Steve Atwater.How many games has Elam won for us...alot ! He should always be a Bronco and he always will in my mind.  (Mar 29, 2008 | post #1)


Woman Forced to Remove Nipple Rings Before Boarding Flight

You can usually just snap them off with no problem.  (Mar 29, 2008 | post #252)


why are black women jealous of slender attractive White w...

Im attractive to women of curves and bounce.No matter their color or culture. Just Love yourself and any woman will do well.  (Mar 29, 2008 | post #116)

Top Stories

Would you live in a black neighborhood?

I've lived in a pre dominate Black Neighborhood and never had a problem. The only reason why I wouldn't is for the simple fact that I dont like being stopped by the Police.I guess to must people its just weird to see someone who is not of that race or culture to enter in a dominate Neighborhood.But this is an old story.the bottom line is some people will never get it.  (Mar 29, 2008 | post #3)


Bosh scores 29, leads Raptors past Knicks 103-95 -- Newsday

I think the real story is Chris Bosh.This player is awesome.  (Mar 29, 2008 | post #8)


Woman Forced to Remove Nipple Rings Before Boarding Flight

This is an attack on our Freedom !!!! They only want certain people boarding planes.They want to keep a image. This is just plain silly. I have a nipple piercing and browl piercing; what's next tats ?  (Mar 29, 2008 | post #235)

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