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May 31, 2014

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Greenville, KY

how to get away with not paying child support.

My children's father was lost within his own misery. He would hit me in a rage. Idaho always was lenient to him, no matter the severity. One night the kids and I escaped. In the divorce he was supposed to pay $500 a month for three boys. I worked two jobs, attended school, just to pay all the bills. Because i made more than $1,200 a month, i couldnt get help, like food stamps, health insurance. I saw more food pantries, got clothing coupons and begged for every single bit of help we got. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. He made over $2000 a month, and much more under the table. People constantly asked me about child support, why didnt I get it, why wasnt I making more effort to obtain it. I had kept on the State of Idaho to collect the support. They would only collect what the employer reported (his BF was his employer who ran a decontamination company) and would not even question the cash. When my X's mother died in Florida, he was left $100k, Idaho refused to go after that also. They even suggested that I hire an attorney to get the child support. My kids dad was enjoying a very social lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, new car, boat and a wonderfully expensive condo. In 2005 his life and its contents was slipping away, he lost everything, was arrested numerous times, all for the desire of the drugs. He ended up on the streets. Whenever he found himself in the hospital, he called me and I would got to see him, and I managed to get him into a rehabilitation center that the State paid for, I never understood why I could never get medical help for my children. One day in 2009, a drug and alcohol spree with all the wrong people got him killed in a very brutal manner. In his wallet was my contact information, and a small note to me. The State paid for his funeral costs and in the final end, the State had failed me as my X owed me $145,000 in back owing support. I never did understand why my home state saw so little value in me and my children, but would pay for the multiple rehabilitation costs, assist in housing for my X and to this day they have the same attitude towards obtaining child support. I pulled myself and my kids through all the struggle with every bit of strength I had, and the best I could do with what I had. It could have been so much better for my children. No reason to be angry at something beyond my control, nor the embarrassment by comments made by people. Today I suffer seizures from all the hits I took when he raged and turned towards me. I feel sorry for his choices and have no respect for the State of Idaho.  (May 31, 2014 | post #128)