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Jun 16, 2013

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Austin, TX

White women here and their feminism SUCKS!

Since coming here(I'm a guy that's 24), I've ran into NUMEROUS(ALWAYS!) White women here, good looking too, that have told me they take martial arts(usually taekwondo). I laughed so hard at first, and I've been taught a SERIOUS lesson by 3 of them here in Austin so far, wtf? 2 of them UT girls!!! I thought women taking that crap was just a bunch of strip mall crap! I challenged 1 on 1, all 3 of them at different times. I was sure that this would NOT happen to me! Same result every time. The female would use BOTH legs, VERY HIGH kicks, aim ALL of them at my face, arrghh! 1 particular kick PISSES ME OFF! All 3 ladies used it on me too. A kick from the inside out, in a circular motion, HIGH UP! Across my face! Right leg, then left leg too, damnit! That flexibility females have PISSES me off!!! Because I can't avoid their karate kicks when they're that high up. IT SUCKS! I lost the spar challenge to all 3 females, and I was told that they believe in equality, feminism type stuff. I thought that was a bunch of crap before!!! What the hell, women in Austin are taking this a lot? Taekwondo, feminism and all that? What the hell? They need to STOP!  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #1)