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Dec 19, 2012

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Iuka, MS

whitlock loosing control over dept

Glen Witlock has ecided to make friends with those tat he thinks will bring his name up. He has allowed people to get away with mured and not said a amn thing about it. The whole sheriff's dept. is a laughing joke. I can tell you what my name is cause you know, i know I have the right to fredom of speech!!! My name is Christina Barrett and I challange Glen Whitlok to become the officer that he once was, ad put the real criminals behind bars!!! I know the the drugs are important, but that ain't all that is going on in Tish. Co. and everyone knows it. I also know first hand that most of the shreiff's deptre racist S.O.B.'s and would have called the boy a F****ng Mexican because I myself have been a product of their slander years ago. And you are right about if you don't like it then move away, which is what I did!! But that don't mean that I will stay quite anymore!! Glen needs to man up and charge those that are responsible for their children dieing to pay!! He needs to step up and make the spouse and child abusers pay!! What about all those home invasions that happened last year, how long did they get away or were they ever caught ? The last count that I was aware of when I moved from Iuka, was 15 home invations and NO ONE had been caught yet!!!Glen was one of the best Officers in the county, but he his also one of the worse Sheriff's that this county has had. He might not be stealing from the tax payers but he sure is letting alot of eople get away with everything under the sun, including murder!!! And by the by, I do have documintation to back me up and if anyone wants to take me to court I would love for them to, that way the information that I have will be made public and for once the real guilty people will be behind bars!!! They also allow anyone to become a C.I. and allow them to get away with everything !!!  (Dec 20, 2012 | post #31)

Iuka, MS

look at what corinth ms has don what do you thank about t...

Tubby , I back you 100% !! My mama, Pat Barrett grew up with you and yes I know that ya'll use to party alot :) but ya'll still had to go up to the state line to get the beer or up at OLE JOHN BORDENS ( R.I.P.). I also remember that when I lived there, the COPS would make there stupid road blocks on old 72 and anyone that had beer or liquor had it conviscated. Now noticed that I didn't say poured out because they didn't!!! But I can remember passing by certain police officers homes inside the city limits of IUKA and they would be on their porches drinking , most likely the beer that they conviscated from all us !!! The younger generation needs to have a voice in what goes on in Tish. Co. and they need to stand up!!! Ya'll can call Tubby the town drunk all ya'll want , but the truth is, don't known of ya'll know him anymore. And, just so you know, the sell of alcohol doesnt cause people to have wrecks and commit crimes. IDIOTES do that on there own. People use excuses all the time for why they do something stupid, but the truth is we are human and we make mistakes. If you don't want to drink, good for you. But at least except that the revenue that the county will recieve for school funding and other orginizations will help the county grow and prosper. The sad thing is that alot of people have never been out of Iuka, and ya'll automatically think that anywhere that does sale alcohole is bad, well that isn't true. Alot of small towns have been able to make their schools better, their roads can have gotten fixed quicker, they were able to help out the churches and food pantries that help everyone that needs it. I mean what about this sounds bad. Tubby was right when he said that if you have to try 30 min. to and from the store, then more than likely you are drunk by the time you hit town. Why would anyone want that? If the store was right down the street, then you could always get your wife, your brother, your sister, or one of your parents to go get it much more quicker than for someone that is drunk to put the lifes of innocent people in danger. Hell, those taxes could have even payed for the new Tish. Co. jail and not come out of the other needed taxes. Just my thought. Keep up the good work Tubby !!!!  (Dec 20, 2012 | post #33)

Iuka, MS

Chad Walters

I think he is a prick and deserves to be the one that we buried instead of his beautiful daugher . He is a menace to society and deserves to be locked up at least. If these were the old days his A** would have been hung in the town square by now for all that he has done to everyone that had the misfortune to know him !!!! He is no good and will never be no good and nither is his mama and daddy for covering him in all his b.s.! And just so they now, this is Christina Barrett, and I AIN"T SCARED OF HIM !!!  (Dec 20, 2012 | post #3)