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Jan 17, 2013

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Orlando, FL

Jodi Arias: Does the state have the goods to convict?

Have any of you thought about where she got the money to do all of the traveling that she did? She was a waitress(supposedl y) for heavens sake. How did she get all of the time off for her trips? I think poor Travis gave her a lot of money enabling her to live a life of financial security for the first time in her miserable life and she was not going to let anything or anybody stop the cash flow from Travis. I am so afraid she is going to get out of the guilty verdict someway, somehow. It worries me that Nurmis' comment about not liking her will land this into an appellet court getting the guilty verdict overturned , freeing her up for another trial claiming insanity. She is one sick and very smart puppy, this is not over yet. Did any of you hear the e mail she left the reporter for Fox 10 news where she said "she had some ideas". I do not doubt for a minute that she had planned everything that she said in that interview to get herself evaluated by a psychiatrist? Can't wait to see what stunts this B#### has in store to torture the Alexander family with next. She is one piece of miserable work  (May 11, 2013 | post #19578)

Littleton, NH

Maura Murray

Mr. Jenkins, Go to northcountry news nh, click on past issue on the left then click on date 2/15/2013. Hope this helps.  (Feb 16, 2013 | post #33147)