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Sep 9, 2013

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I'm looking for someone who can adopt my unborn child

I would love to adopt a lil baby I don't care if its a boy or a girl me and my husband. Has 3 kids and they are grow up and we can't have anyore I wish we could but we can't so if anyone that lives close and wants to let me and my husband adopt a lil white baby we go to church and we both work for the state we would love to have a month old or a 2 month old baby to raise as mine and get it stuff just like owes it would never ask for nothing and give it so much love it would not know what to do with all of it and have so much fun because we love babies u can email me at. [email protected] and let me know all about it thanks and god bless u all and everyone on here I hope all ur babies r healthy and feeled with joy and llove.  (Sep 9, 2013 | post #401)

Pineville, KY

Prostitution at Happy Mart

I know that's a lie because calvin, would not do anything like that and if u think u r right u r very very wrong I will tell u to ur face that's a lie hell who knows u may go to the womens with a few and lick there pussy now did u tell everyone that no but I did.  (Aug 11, 2013 | post #19)