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May 18, 2011

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Smiles all round as oral health improves for the children...

This time of year where the children from Chernobyl are treated to a visit to the Isle of Man to explore the shores enjoy Manx hospitality. One of their delights is a visit to the dentist Tracey Bell, when we say ‘Smile’ - Tracey Bell said 'yes - the truth is children can smile -as their smiles have certainly improved over the years myself and the team have treated them' The children have attended Tracey Bell clinic every year for the last 11 years and its smiles all round as their oral health improves. Tracey said 'good oral hygiene the application of fluoride and sealants on the children’s teeth have certainly benefited them. I remember years ago when Norman Rivers first brought the children to the practice their oral health was poor I was shocked to see an array of 'pink teeth' and sadly extractions. Lots of restorative dentistry was required. I remember the children having very little understanding of English, they were extremely frightened and simply too anxious to smile. ‘Nowadays the story is so different’ - she states – ‘to see the children now smiling with an array of white healthy teeth is simply a great positive experience for myself and my team and most of all the children themselves. Healthy smiles, healthy and happy children and they love visiting me now at the clinic’ Tracey states and most of all 'no pink teeth'. The children visit the clinic because of the valuable work of charity Friends of Chernobyl The Isle of Man group of FoCC was founded in 1999 and the first group of 23 children came in July 2000. . Their main source of fundraising is through corporate sponsorship, which has been a great success, although many individuals have been very generous in providing funds. Companies sponsoring a child are given a certificate of thanks and they are invited to a barbecue so that they can meet the children. …..and that’s without the great hospitality that is afforded to them by local ISLE OF MAN BUSINESSES The young visitors enjoy a full programme of activities during their months stay on the Isle of Man. These include a variety of sports & leisure activities and medical services. Most years the children have the opportunity of using the Manx Telecom computer bus & its state of the art technology has enabled the children to produce short advertising films, animated cartoons & designs for houses & gardens. The computer bus is unique to the island & the envy of the UK & the rest of the world. The short cartoon film created & produced by the children can be seen on Despite the numerous & interesting activities the children are still able to enjoy "free time" with their host families in the evenings and at weekends. CONTACT TRACEY BELL THE CLINIC KENSINGTON ROAD DOUGLAS ISLE OF MAN 01624613323  (Jul 12, 2011 | post #1)