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Aug 17, 2008

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President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama danc...

All in All, I hope that our new President is all he has told us he would be. I have hope as well as anyone else. But I have a thought...Since the American ecconomy is going down the tubes, there are no jobs, our taxes are so high, and the money goes more to pay for others than ourselves. Then why Pray tell, didnt Mr. Obama, have a Whitehouse backyard Inauguration? (I know at first this sounds silly, but think about it). He could have had all that money go to helping all the people out there that he states he will be helping. I have no problem helping anyone come in our country. My past relatives immigrated here. But why aren't all the taxes that we get taken out of our paychecks help us too? I can't get help with childcare or medical because my income is too high. I mean too high, by like a few thousand dollars. I am always seeming to be just "missing it", always just a little too much. lol. I recently got a raise, which was peanuts, but I figured it all out, (and) a few more dollars than half of it, went to Uncle Sam. Check it out! The Government gets more of my raise than me? I don't get it. I am sure others feel the same as me. LIKE I SAID SO NO ONE MISUNDERSTANDS ME - I AM ALL FOR HELPING ANYONE. I just feel that I should be on that list too. I feel that I should be able to go to the doctor without it costing an arm and a leg. A person with no medical insurance, whether someone entering this country or someone already here, who maybe lost their job, or their company has no medical benefits, gets medical paid for free. I do have medical insurance. But, the copays are so high I still can't bearly afford it. And.. when gas went up?? lol. We could not go anywhere except work. I don't know. Just wondering, anyone out there agree with me?  (Jan 21, 2009 | post #3)

Old Brookville, NY

Nassau eyes deer population after increased sightings

Nov 21 2008, 11:12pm. Beautiful Buck deer, ran out in front of my car, we were driving down a road in Old Brookville, (same road as Lutheran Camp), we were south/east of 25A and West of RT106. Lucky we saw him. Wondering if anyone else has seen any deer in that area.  (Nov 21, 2008 | post #83)


Kids in poorer districts tend to eat healthier

so what about all of us poor middle class that make too much to qualify for The lunch help. So i work and i have to struggle to give my child the 4 bucks a day. and then i get to pay for everyone else to get it for free with my taxed salary. it just dosent seem fair. and then it seems to really stink that my child is not eating as healthy in her school because of not having enough of the state aide. hummm. i just dont get it.  (Oct 25, 2008 | post #1)


Mount Misery Road named a 'Street of Fear'

Hi, used to go there also in the late 70's. riding high as you say. anyone remember how to get there? would like to take my husband. directions from LIE in plainview. thanks. I remember a hill I thought. ?? and yes, it sucks getting old. peace out  (Oct 11, 2008 | post #48)