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Jul 26, 2013

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Some important points for you to install a LED panel light

Dear guys Would you like to have a general discussion about how to install a LED panel light? Here I would like to take LED T8 http://www.atgelec as an example and share some methods with you. First, suspension installation Mounting the connecting bridge to the ceiling with screw, then cover the connecting bridge with the cap, at last screw the hoist clamp to the connecting bridge through the hold of cap. Secondly, mounted installation Mounting the Frame to the wall or ceiling with screws. Then Mount the led panel light to the Frame , the last is connecting the transformer to the drive system. Thirdly, built-in installation Built-in Installation method is using the LED panel light http://www.atgelec lat-LED-Panel-Ligh t.html to replace the existed ceiling tiles or placing the LED panel light on the frame for the ceiling tiles. So please check the dimension of the ceiling tiles or the ceiling frame firstly, then choose the suitable led panel size. Now, are you familiar with how to install LED T8. If you still have some questions, we may have a further discussion.  (Jul 26, 2013 | post #1)