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Apr 6, 2014

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Darkness' Room

Gruff Spozoich  (Feb 20, 2015 | post #31)

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Who's the most annoying person on Topix?

DBm chm dBm ti toy  (Feb 19, 2015 | post #16)

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I Am Taking A Break For Awhile/A little bit/A day/Who knows

Has ssh gfs hurt gfs ft  (Feb 19, 2015 | post #20)

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Ask Kiki Anything and she will answer

Those movies suck. They gain more popularity than they need.  (Jan 18, 2015 | post #380)

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Anime Roleplay

Name: Taiden (it literally means charge Japanese) Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: Taiden has mostly blonde hair with black highlights and green eyes. Ever since he was little, his right arm has been covered in strange tattoos and black fingernails that he covers with white bandages. He wears the standard academy uniform and wears a gold necklace with a sharp six edge emblem. Personality: Taiden is a fun loving individual who will do anything for a good thrill. He is serious when the situation calls for it. Special ability: His power has something to do with his wrapped arm, which is flowing with cold, chilling darkness. History: ???  (Jan 17, 2015 | post #14)

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Anime Roleplay

Is it okay if I join? :)  (Jan 17, 2015 | post #12)

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~~Ask Andrea~~

You should be able to read it in the other, bro...  (Jan 11, 2015 | post #398)

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Describe Your Character

Name: Veso Lad Age: 17 Sex: Male Special Ability: Shelled Hazard Personality: Childish, hot headed, serious(when the situation calls for it) Hair color: Red short straight hair that stops before his shoulders Eye color: Purple Appearance: He wear a black titanium plated shirt and cargo pants he wore since he fought in a war in his country. Having a Hazard embedded within his bones, he he hasn't physically grown. He is short a thin. Shelled Hazard A: When Veso was 14, he was injected with a chemical known as a Shelled Hazard. A Shelled Hazard manipulates the users skin, blood, and bone turning them as hard as titanium, thus almost impossible to wound. Shelled Hazard is only used two times a day. Expert hand-to-hand combatant: While twelve, Due to fighting a war where no weapons were involved(the enemy side had weapons, though), he was forced to learn some moves with his bare hands. Gun user: He has some skills with firearms. Expert tactician: Due to being in many wars, he is a very good planner. Biography: coming soon.  (Jan 10, 2015 | post #209)

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Why is this forum still alive?

Lalala  (Jan 9, 2015 | post #17)

Video Games

Why is this forum still alive?

Okay? And?  (Jan 9, 2015 | post #12)

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Why is this forum still alive?

The butthurt is starting to show... Keep it up!  (Jan 9, 2015 | post #10)

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Ask meh

When will this forum die?  (Jan 9, 2015 | post #6)

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Why is this forum still alive?  (Jan 9, 2015 | post #7)

Video Games

Why is this forum still alive?

You mad?  (Jan 8, 2015 | post #5)

Q & A with Torune4


God is great <3





Local Favorites:

Magia, Dragon Eye, Soul Fade, RSOF, Omagi:MON

I Belong To:

GOD, my mind

When I'm Not on Topix:

Eating, playing video games, working, working on my stories, thinking of new ideas

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Because my creativity surpasses all of yours!

I'm Listening To:

Asterisk by Orange Range

Read This Book:

Bleach, Magia, RSOF, Ogami

Favorite Things:

Working, playing video games, Yu-Gi-Oh!, working on my stories,

On My Mind:

My stories

I Believe In:

GOD MY LORD AND SAVIOR!!! I believe originality is the key to creativity. Which result in good writing.