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Feb 22, 2009

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Krotz Springs, LA

we the people

I always see people writing smack about others,or info about someone passing,or something about hoes.But I never see anything about this countries future,past,or present.Does noone care,or they just think noone wants to talk about that.Not important? You probably don't realize this but this forum can be read from even other countries.It is a way to voice your opinions about a wide range of things other than michelle being pregnant,lol. I'm no politition or scholor,and maybe I spelled scholor wrong,but I care about our countries future because it effects ME! I'm not sure how many people around here voted for Obama but then is not as important as what all he is trying to do.THAT is important.That and the fact that people don't care or don't understand.His color don't make any difference.He is turning democrats into communists and trying to get the rest to follow. He has three or four people around him that are outspoken communists and want nothing but to destroy our constitution.I for one will not let communism take this country and turn it into china,north korea,cuba,or any other failed country. I am writing this because I'm tired of seeing noone giving a sh@# about what is going on with our government.I will be writing more about this as much as possible,and hope you at least think about this countries future.It is going to hell in a handbasket very quickly.And we only have a month or so to kill this healthcare bill before it becomes law.And there's more bills that he's trying to sneak into law also. I will be posting sites you can go to to either read and educate yourself or voice your opinions.I hope this is not too boring for you because if it is...You should'nt be allowed to vote anyway.  (Sep 2, 2009 | post #1)

Krotz Springs, LA

mishell stermer

LOL...This shit is just too funny! HEHE...But hey she's up to two pages now LOL  (Aug 25, 2009 | post #29)

Krotz Springs, LA

No Child Left Behind

And before anyone responds to this in a negative way they should watch the news and not spongebob square pants. All the things I posted are actually in the healthcare package.That and alot worse. Everyone needs to read it,then contact your senator and demand they vote against it.And if they tell you "But it's gonna make healthcare much better".You tell them to concentrate on medicare fraud and wasteful spending and it(medicare)will fix itself. This is serious!This country is turning communist,and I never imagined that,at least not in my lifetime.  (Aug 25, 2009 | post #20)

Krotz Springs, LA

No Child Left Behind

To all who care It really doesn't matter about any child left behind anymore.After Odumbass passes all his hidden agenda's he will probably either take your kids away or put you in a program where YOU are accountable for them. The big kid with the fourth graders will be labeled inferior and taken away to a facility for kids that are mentally handicapped.That will save the taxpayer money in the long run.Which will better his comunistic plans for our country. So don't sweat it,if your kids don't look like they will be able to contribute to taxes,then our great president will intervene and all will be good. GOD BLESS OUR GREAT TOWN AND COUNTRY  (Aug 25, 2009 | post #19)

Palmetto, LA

palmetto chief retiring

Chief David Krull is now the man and I think he will do great things for the town.He is honest,fair,and hard working. Good luck in the election David  (Aug 18, 2009 | post #6)

Krotz Springs, LA

Police Beat

LOL  (Aug 18, 2009 | post #21)

Krotz Springs, LA

la one wrecker service "norman mouille"

Dam a popular guy on here,lol.You not a commy are you? Just kidding,I think you're ok in my book. Half this town all have the same problems and look at someone else and say...Oh Lord,look at what he did or is doing.And the next damn day they go do the same shit,lol. Hell,all this attention might get you more tows. Good luck Norm.  (Aug 18, 2009 | post #85)

Krotz Springs, LA

What next..... Obama?

People should be calling their state reps., and senators and telling them if they want to keep their jobs they better vote no on this health care rippoff.And the cap and trade bill.Or there will be alot more people lossing jobs. Here's a link to keep an eye on our great presidents ratings. http://www.obamaap EVERYONE BETTER WISE UP BEFORE YOU DIE DOWN!  (Aug 18, 2009 | post #41)

Krotz Springs, LA

robert nall

I can tell you know nothing of the case by all your wrongs answers.I guess you're a relative or friend of the "alledged " molester.But anyway a year and a half after the crime the evidence had still not been turned over to st landry...DUMB ASS  (Jul 25, 2009 | post #85)

Krotz Springs, LA


I feel so sorry for this girl's family.Gone at that age and under those circumstances is a shame. God handles things in his own way,and it will happen.But we must be observant to these things and not turn our heads when we see this about to happen. Anyway her and her family have been in my prayers.And as hard as it is to do I've prayed for the killer also. Davina's looking down now and can't be beat anymore. GOD BLESS  (Jul 24, 2009 | post #241)

Krotz Springs, LA


Yes, I didn't know him but I feel glad that the family can have closure.Anyway, your family will be in my prayers.  (Mar 17, 2009 | post #4)

Krotz Springs, LA

robert nall

This case with robert nall "alledgedly " molesting these kids was handled wrong from the very start.It wasn't even handed over to the DA until like 8 months later. Then the DA drug their feet.Then they had a fake grand jury who would never indicted anyway. So all in all this was a big joke,and robert nall continues doing what he does best. And as far as you death are a bigger joke and I think I know who you are.Stop watching AMC channel and find something new. THIS CRIME IS NOT SOME BULLSHIT TO JUST HAVE FUN WITH OR PRETEND TO BE WHAT YOUR NOT!  (Mar 17, 2009 | post #61)

Krotz Springs, LA

How would you rate our cheif?

Police chief  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #2)

Krotz Springs, LA

People hiding behind screen names to trash others BEWARE

If you had a brain,you'd see i'm an editor and know I have a profile  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #3)

Krotz Springs, LA

District Attorney Convictions

Yes all these convictions don't mean crap.What was the sentence?weekends in jail for a month.Or maybe the jail is full so they just got set free. Anyways most get released because the da took too long to get them to trial. And if it's one of his friends,LOL,they don't even go to court at all.ESPECIALLY CHILD MOLESTERS!  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #67)

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