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Mar 10, 2013

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I came across this thread and signed-in...agree with the Daddy-ball at NGBSA. My guys played in this league last year. My youngest son had a GREAT coach - just very much about learning, having fun, fairness, and age-appropriate interaction. Ultimately, they went on to win the league championship and some of the most enjoyable baseball I have watched in over 40 years. My other son played on a team with a 'coach' who epitomized men behaving badly. There is no need to describe what was going on as it seems to be well captured by numerous examples throughout this thread, but just to add again, as a father, it was embarrassing and disappointing to me to see other fathers abuse the great past-time of baseball for their own interests and agendas. The losers were all of the kids and the community who observed some very unhealthy values and life lessons. I played ball competitively for many years and coached little league for a number of years and I used the game to teach baseball skills, the joy of play, and life values such as fairness, honesty, equity, and sportsmanship. Some seasons the win-loss column was positive and sometimes not, but every season ended with children having great memories and motivation to play more baseball. Today, it seems there are too many 'damaged' adults out there trying to re-live their glory days that they may have had or only wished they had, or use the position as 'coach' for attention, to exert control and authority, or simply to ensure their child receives as much play time as possible to fulfill dreams of their child going to the 'bigs.' I must also agree that there is also not much in place to prevent or address this problem either, as league 'policies' have no enforcement and are largely to run interference to concerned parents who do speak up. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any answers to address adult behavior - never has been. Hope does reign eternal. :) Good of folks to speak up about this though.  (Mar 10, 2013 | post #56)